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  1. Thanks will let you.kno about the ct
  2. May I ask if you can post a photo of yoir physical connections on the power terminals of your Grid, Gen and Load ?
  3. Thanks, it is having conituity between the two wires and is measuring 7.47volt
  4. Only loads is the geyser which is on a timer. Pool pump that is.manually opererated . Aircons but that is normally not run
  5. Will it make sense then that if the CT is faulty that it would then be able to feed back into the grid ?
  6. Thanks will get a new CT a nd try that
  7. Make sense to me that it could be faulty..... had it in 3 and 4 previously with same effect
  8. Could you perhaps post a photo of your system mode screen
  9. CT moved back to DB with arrow facing towards the Non essential loads, os this correct ?
  10. I had it on the DB just moved it to.see it makes n difference
  11. Some help please, i have a sunsynk inverter. When the sun sets the batteries are supposed to power the none essential loads In my case the the grid then supply the load and keep the batteries at 100%. In the photos attached I switched off the DC and to my understanding then the Batteries should then discharge into the load. If I manualy then switch off the grid then all in order.
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