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  1. JJS

    Victron Components

    that would be great @Louisvdw would you then use the bluetooth or the screen rs485 ? i can be a test subject should you require
  2. JJS

    Victron Components

    I have a feeling this is what my microcare is doing, if the day is lazy solar then after a certain amount of time of boosting it just goes to float for the fun of it, i cannot put my finger on it, very random
  3. JJS

    Victron Components

    I have a ANTBMS and you have my 110% attention when you say serial battery driver, please elaborate Louis My new PI was delivered today to try and get it going and get data from the BMS
  4. JJS

    Victron Components

    Thanks a plenty again Another semi related question, the Victron MPPT's, once they go into float with a full battery but suddenly there is a high load coming from the house, do they go into boost again or just supply the power needed if the panels can support the load ? Reason I ask is, my Microcare goes into float pre-maturely battery still has like 20% to go then it outputs much less power from the panels and them if I add load from the house it cannot pull that load until I reset the panel breaker and it goes to boost again.
  5. JJS

    Victron Components

    Thanks @plonkster Idea is to one day get a Victron inverter but that not going to happen soon. I know this is not the real image but it works for my explanation Would I be able to get this info, like the "Grid" from the ET112 , "AC loads" from another ET112, "PV Charger" from the MPPT, "Battery" from the BMV and would "DC Power" then be the inverter load also from the BMV ? Not sure whats the difference between AC and Critical Loads.
  6. Hi Guys, I am investigating if by changing to Victron components if I can make my system work better and to fully utilize the Victron VRM portal. Currently running is a Microcare 5kw inverter and 60 amp MPPT and DIY LifePo4 battery with its bluetooth BMS. If I would would change to the following would I be able to get all the data required and shown on a Venus GX. Bring in a Victron Venus GX, replace the MPPT with a Victron one, putting a BMV712 between the Microcare inverter and battery, install a ET112 on incoming Eskom feed and another ET112 on the inverter output and us
  7. Hi Francois, Its a 5kw Microcare. I have eliminated the inverter by switching it off completely and pulled the DC breaker letting eskom power the house and MPPT only charging the battery. If I may ask, how does your solar generation compare to amps going into the battery ?
  8. Hi Guys, I have only been running for a week +- that being said all credit must go to @Gerlach he has helped me tremendously over whatsapp where all 5 attempts I made to get an installer backfired. Anyhow, I would like opinions and your personal experiences. In short, what I am seeing my solar MPPT is generating does not go into the battery bank, I must generate double Kwh on the MPPT to be able to charge the battery to 100% again, where is the rest going. There is no voltage drop between the MPPT and the battery terminals, running 25mm cable between the 60Amp MPPT and battery
  9. Nice info @Gerlach @Bain Viljoen Would it be a stupid question wrt eta for new stock and will you run them through a antivirus first?
  10. Different shade of blue Thanks for the reply @plonkster much appreciated, panels in question are also Canadian Solar.
  11. Thanks Gerlach @plonkster Hope you don't mind tagging you out of the blue, can I have your take please on connecting 355Watt x 9 (3195watt) in 3s 3p connected to a 3000watt mppt ? thanks
  12. So when choosing panels to match a current MPPT with spec MAX 150V VOC / 3000W / 60 AMP. Does one factor in the losses of the panels to get to as close as possible to to 3000W max ? I read its about 20% loss, please correct me if I am wrong, which one below must it be or other option that I have missed ie. 9 X 335Watt (3015 Watt - Minus losses +- 2400Watt) or 12 X 305Watt (3660 Watt - Minus losses +- 2900Watt)
  13. Question for you, might be dof so bare with me If you build another battery you need another BMS ? If so how do the BMS's connect with each other ? Does one use a relay for higher amps like in this video from Will to power the inverter ?
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