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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Hahaha thanks @Bain Viljoen
  2. Nice info @Gerlach @Bain Viljoen Would it be a stupid question wrt eta for new stock and will you run them through a antivirus first?
  3. Different shade of blue Thanks for the reply @plonkster much appreciated, panels in question are also Canadian Solar.
  4. Thanks Gerlach @plonkster Hope you don't mind tagging you out of the blue, can I have your take please on connecting 355Watt x 9 (3195watt) in 3s 3p connected to a 3000watt mppt ? thanks
  5. So when choosing panels to match a current MPPT with spec MAX 150V VOC / 3000W / 60 AMP. Does one factor in the losses of the panels to get to as close as possible to to 3000W max ? I read its about 20% loss, please correct me if I am wrong, which one below must it be or other option that I have missed ie. 9 X 335Watt (3015 Watt - Minus losses +- 2400Watt) or 12 X 305Watt (3660 Watt - Minus losses +- 2900Watt)
  6. Question for you, might be dof so bare with me If you build another battery you need another BMS ? If so how do the BMS's connect with each other ? Does one use a relay for higher amps like in this video from Will to power the inverter ?
  7. @Gerlach I see SAPO finally dit their part
  8. Probably one of the main reasons I have the components lying in my garage but to scared to get it installed..any references for Microcare fundies in Cape Town ?
  9. How is your battery coming along @Gerlach ? Groete!
  10. Around the corner and downhill Do you have some installer recommendations for me or someone that can assist ?
  11. @Gerlach No problem, will do if it comes down to that, I still am not anywhere closer than I was previously. Anybody in Cape Town that wants to have a chat around this ? Also looking for an installer reference pretty please.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I do travel a bit and would like to keep an eye on the whole thing while being away. So I keep finding myself comparing the two blue's, please correct me if I am wrong, it seems the monitoring and control is much better on the Victrons. I am between these paths: Use one of the 5kW Microcare's and the 60Amp MPPT, sell the other 5kw Inverter and use the funds to buy the monitoring kit +- R5500 ( Battery Monitor + 2 Battery Sensors + WiFi ), if I want web logging the web logger is extra R5000 plus a yearly subscription, which I am not fond of. Or sell the all the kit in first post (Not sure what I can get for it ???? ) and look at: Victron Quattro 48/5000 or Multiplus II Victron 150/70 MPPT Venus GX BMV 702 (Still needed ?)
  13. Howzit Everyone, Having some idle time for a change I stumbled across the solar idea yet again, been reading topics and trying to match my equipment, checking what other guys have done, what they use etc etc. I am in the planning stage but I have some hardware already, I have a good idea of my daily usage but not really how much hourly, so I got myself an Efergy Engage Hub for the DB and a Sonoff Pow R2 for checking usage on individual devices. Usage currently is between 15 -20 kwh daily, depending on washing, dishwasher use. I have a solar evap tube geyser (no element) and gas geyser and want to change from an Induction hob to gas one. Solar Hardware (Not brand new): 2 X 5kW Microcare Bi Directional Inverters 1 X 60Amp SetSolar MPPT (Believe its also Microcare) No Panels yet and no batteries yet. I believe a 5 kW is suitable for my house and that brings me to my first question. What would you do, sell all the Microcare kit and go Victron or sell one inverter and setup with Microcare? I do not even know if selling everything would be enough ZAR to go Victron in the first place. I really want to go LFP batteries and read the whole MPPT controller's PIC needs updating from Microcare threads etc etc. What would you do??? Really do not want make mistakes and re-do this. Cheers to an awesome forum !!
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