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  1. I'm the Shoto reseller for Western Cape, I will confirm this as I'm unaware that the integration was completed
  2. I have done plenty of these. The inverter needs a few parameters changed, but the Growatt is quite finicky especially with feedback. PM me your issues and I will try assist
  3. Sold to Jaaks! Great guy to deal with!
  4. This is gemors of note, and the scary part of this is, I see this kind of krap at most of the bigger installations we get called out to rectify. This entire system needs be be pulled out and installed by a professional. That MPPT needs to be inspected by a service agent, the breakers need to be inspected, fuses and isolaters need to be upgraded. Was there any form of Compliance documentation issued by these okes? If so, I would demand my money bank or if they refuse take it up with the NHBRC and definitely report this to Victron. I guarantee you there would have been a fire because of this and your insurance would not pay you out a cent!
  5. Telekom Techniques, based in PE They are the technical and support partner for Victron SA. They buy directly from Victron and have been distributing since the mid 2000's
  6. Hey man, That cable is going to cause a fire. This is problem with electricians that dont understand DC basics. The choice of cable, never mind the square diameter is a disaster waiting to happen. 6mm Helukabel or equivalent from your strings to fused combiner box. Run minimum dual 25mm DC UV Shielded to your DC combiner box or use and adapter that will accommodate 2 x 25mm cable combined and run those cables into your inverters, that would give you 50mm² per terminal into your MPPT It is normal for an MPPT to dissipate heat, but you also need to create your MPPT for heat as well, remember it is rated 100A @25 degrees. What does your battery wiring config look like Feel free to PM me, I know the main Victron distributor and technical centre. This oke needs realize how dangerous a situation he left you in... Your fuses are too small, 8kw at 48V requires a 200 to 250Amp fuse
  7. Hi guys, I had a number of enquiries regarding this Victron Multiplus ii 5000 48V Inverter Charger I am giving it away at R24500 including VAT LITHIUM ION BATTERIES - Shoto 4.8kwh Lithium Ion batteries R26500 EX VAT BASED IN CAPE TOWN. EXPECT A MINIMUM PRICE INCREASE OF 25% ALL BRAND IN BOXES
  8. PM me, I deal directly with the Shoto importers, I will pass on your questions to the technical guys there, they are super helpful
  9. GCL are a polysilicon giant manufacturer in China. They dabble in the manufacturing energy components and solar panels, but their quality is krap. They make good solar cells
  10. Victron Multiplus ii 5kw 48V, Its surplus to my needs right now
  11. 12V 800W Victron Phoenix R3800 EX VAT I also have a Multiplus ii 5kw 48V unit available
  12. I have, PM me for more information
  13. Sorry to throw a spanner into the works here, but the Shoto is probably twice as good. Better cells, better BMS and performs in the field according to what the claims are on paper. I know I'm biased but it is what it is. There is Obviously a reason why it is the preferred battery by Vodacom
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