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  1. Hi All, Can someone please advise if it is legislation that DC cables not being put in the same conduit/trunking as the AC cables. If yes, where donI find this legislation?
  2. Hello All. I need help and advice please. I recently had a solar installation done at my house. It consists of 2x 5000tl hvm Growatt inverters, 12 x Canadian solar 330w panels and 1 x shoto SDA10 - 48100LA lithium ion battery. My question is that I have 1 data logger installed on the machine that says HS on it. The other machine says SL on it. Now the problem is that the solar charge changes from machine daily. I.E today then solar power will be running through HS and yesterday through SL. The other problem is that the battery data also differs on the machines, i.e SL shows ba
  3. I would also like to lnow about the firmware between Shoto and Growatt.
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