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  1. Thank you guys! Will update once my setup is complete.
  2. @Chris Louw Hi Chris, thank you for suggesting these guys, they were the best priced at R10/kg everywhere else was around the R4/kg mark. Regards Robert
  3. Hi all, Is there an issue with mounting Pylontech batteries vertically with a mount similar to the one attached? I have 2 x us2000 batteries that I want to mount and would prefer the vertical mount of possible? Takes up less space and would be neater. Would the be any warranty/guarantee issues? Thanks Regards Robert
  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far, I am in the Johannesburg area. Robert
  5. Hi All, I am looking at switching to lithium ion batteries for my system, this to replace my current lead acids that are not performing properly and some are finished. Where do I dispose of them and are they worth anything? See the attached pics. Thanks Regards Robert
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