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  1. Jess

    10kv infini 3ph

    I have put in this inverter it has at the moment 2 x 48volt 100amp hauwei batteries. Intend adding a further 2 Have it set up “off grid l” says in inverter mode when PV not available must use battery first then grid. When I turn off the utility the whole machine drops out and everything on it, and reboots it’s self Instead of actually transitioning straight to batteries. When utility comes back it is quite fine and moves onto utility no problem, with out dropping out. any ideas?
  2. Hi I got a infini solar 10 Kv and need some help pls when I run the unit on the batteries it works all fine then when grid power comes on it gives me a error code 16 and says BATTERY UNDER VOLTAGE WHEN GRID IS OK Then runs for a while on the grid and then the whole house shuts down. It then re boots and runs on battery for a while with the utility flashing for a while and then finally kicks back into running on the grid. My setting is ‘off grid lll ‘ This is happening when no PV is around also noticed the batteries only charge at 7-9 amps and my setting is 40 amps. Got 2 hauwei 48 volt lithium When I had PV I see the batteries get to 100% but on utility it’s around 70% pls help I’m lost


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