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  1. Can any ABB Expert please advice. Unlike my 27.6 Trio Invertors, that was easy to commission, the 50 kW has all 3 led's flashing without coming out of that mode. I note that it means firmware being programmed. By which means as it is not by myself. Question - must this invertor be equiped with a wifi card and then get running via ABBSOLAR? THANK YOU.
  2. I thought the 50kW Trio would start up easy like the 27.6 Trio, but somewhere I am missing something. Main question: Must this 50kW Trio be started up by connecting to it first with ABBSOLAR? My unit has all three led's flashing indicating "firmware being programmed". I don't understand this as it is not me doing any update. The slow flashing of all three led's goes on, does not matter how long I wait. Any suggestions out there? Thank you.


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