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  1. Hi Delta9, you can parallel up to 16 ZTE batteries per inverter, so multiple inverters can connect 16 batteries each. Data sheet - ZXDC48 FB101 Lithium-ion Battery V2.0_20180716_EN.pdf SJ-20180408094053-001-ZXDC48 FB101(V1.0)Lithium-ion Battery User Manual.pdf
  2. The RS485 - CAN module and ZTE Battery can be purchased from the Power Forum Store
  3. This means that any inverter that Supports CAN and Pylontech will work with these batteries
  4. We have completed production of our locally developed RS485 - CAN BUS Module. We have done this for the following batteries: ZTE/LionESS, Averge and Hubble.
  5. Yes they are all similar including Averge and Hubble batteries. Not sure if they are made by the same company.
  6. 16s. There is a built in BMS. So they use RS485 but we can supply a converter box that we developed locally which enables the battery to become CAN BUS. Any inverter that works with Pylontech can then work via CAN with this battery. This box costs R1800.00 incl Vat. These are in essence ZTE Batteries and are used in their 1000s in the Telco space and we have an agreement with ZTE to introduce these into the non-Telco space.
  7. 4,8kWH and 5kVA Inverter starting at R45 995 including Vat. Please please see https://www.lioness.africa/Buy/Loadshedding-Special.aspx And 4,8kWH Lithium Ion Batteries for R22890 including VAT. See https://www.lioness.africa/LithiumBatteries.aspx
  8. LionESS provides world class solutions to the Lithium Ion value chain. We are the exclusive distributor of Sungrow Inverters (<20kW) to the Sub-Saharan market. In addition, LionESS is the only distributor of ZTE Lithium Ion battery packs to the non-telecoms market. We can customise any Energy Storage solution including PV integration, remote monitoring and communication and Smart home/business automation. LionESS has also locally developed a single box solution for ease of installation. http://www.lioness.africa
  9. Hi, yes this product was mainly targeted at the Telcos. Vodacom has been using it for a few years now as far as I'm aware. It's just recently that they released it for commercial use. We can assist you with the pairing of the Battery with the Victron. If you can provide the Victron for testing then we can provide the battery but I'm certain that there will not be an issue with the pairing of these two. Our development and head office is in Centurion.
  10. Hi Plonkster, Our Technical Manager will respond shortly.
  11. Hi I am from LionESS, the official distributors of these batteries how can we help you? The battery uses the same protocol as Pylontech so it cn be used with most inverters on the market. We have around 500 in stock and are distributing at a launch price of R28 000 incl VAT. You can contact us at [email protected] as well.
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