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  1. My main concern was the frames expanding and contracting in the sun (heat). Would it be a different scenario re the heating up issue with bi-facials ? (that is, the panels retaining too much heat because they are joined together....not the expanding and contracting issue which I would imagine would be the same with any panel)
  2. Is it doable to join solar panels together with a sealant on thier edges so that rain does not get through to the underside? Thinking of a carport style installation where a car or other things are under the solar panels. So the solar panels become a roof. A few drips here and there is fine but would not want an actual air gap between the frames of the panels. I dont know if using a sealant to join the panels together is something that can be done or not. I know lots you here have installed PV so what are your thoughts on this? How would one achieve a carport with not too much w
  3. Appreciate your 2c worth. Thanks. My three inverters of choice are 1/ Victron because they are the Landcrusier of inverters in Africa. The only thing I dont like about them is 48v limit. I also like 2/ Studer because they are Swiss and I feel I could literally put my life on thier reliability. They have a new 3 phase Hybrid coming out early 2021. Expensive and also only 48 volts. 3/Selectronic in Australia have a great rep and are highly regarded as good and reliable. They go up to 120v (so 144v nominal?). Expensive and not easy to get here. Then there is also....
  4. Yes it is a big system. I will use a pro designer to figure out the final layout and how it all goes together. I am doing a deep dive so I know the in's and out's and how it all works so I can have an intelligent conversation with a pro system designer about all the options and why I think I need to use certain components/brands etc. I will probably do a smaller system first to get a feel for it all. Some rules of batteries dont change though. To get a large number of cycles requires that the battery be discharged as low (DOD) as possible. So the larger the battery bank the bet
  5. So I have reached out to some Chinese suppliers...... the Chinese two step has started already. Its not pretty is it......
  6. These seem like an interesting option. At least for a smaller 40-50 kWh pack. Its along the lines of the 18650 power wall builds that are all over the place on the net. Has anyone here gone this route? Price is OK @$200 kWh
  7. Yeah I know. But according to the 1:1 rule that only gives me somewhere around 40 kWp of PV. Thats roughly 100 x 400w panels. I looked at this about a18 months go and got a quote for a water pumping system and it consisted of 120 panels at that time (in the 300 watt class I guess). Power situation is only getting worse not better. Of course I would prefer to spend money elsewhere, but it is what it is. The grid has let us down big time and there is no viable business with the grid being like it currently is, so we have little choice to either make a plan or close up.
  8. How about these ? https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/frontpage/products/48v-16s-120ah-lifepo4-lithium-ion-phosphate-diy-kit-pre-orders-dispatches-from-2-november-2020 Are these new cells or second life ?
  9. Right got it. My preferred target kWh range is about 120kWh plus looking at maybe 50ish kWh for my ex as well (yeah I know its dumb to look after the ex as well, but what can I say, I'm a hell of a guy). So a lot of batteries. So probably worth the time, effort and expense of shipping them in. But my issue is finding a good reputable seller. I dont think my volume is enough to buy direct from manufacturer ?
  10. Thanks Chloe. Had a good read through that. Interesting stuff for sure. I did at one time look at 18650's but came to the conclusion that 1/ I would never find enough good used cells and 2/ all those systems are mostly Lithium - Ion ....so about 500 to 1000 cycles. After lots of reading I came to the conclusion it was better to go for LiFePo4. I was interested in those ZTE 4.8Kw batteries as they have a can bus converter board to be able to connect to the Victron's but they only allow a max of 16 batteries to be paralleled which is going to be limiting to me because of the 1:1 rule.
  11. Thanks for that heads up. I still have to research that angle but thinking it should be doable to get a consolidation shipment in a container. Maybe have to go to a half container even? Not sure but will dig in to find out. What the in's and out's of sellers using there own shippers? Is it a problem or some sort of issue or a way they drive price up etc?
  12. When you say you were quoted $34 per cell ++ is that from the suppliers link you posted? As you say, for the price it seems likely they are second life. Did you ask them about if they were second life? I want about 120 kWh of battery so its sizeable and expensive. Need to get it right.
  13. Had a read through of that thread. Great information in there but it quickly went from batteries to other topics. Still, it shows others are out there doing what I want to do, so that's encouraging.
  14. Thanks for the input but those batteries are not suitable for what I want to do.
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