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  1. I received a User Manual in the box with the battery. Go to who ever supplied the batteries to you, they must have your User Manual.
  2. I am considering fitting a direct reading low cost digital volt meter to my 2 unit lithium battery bank. This is mainly for convenience, to quickly check their voltage state as compared to what the inverter is reporting. Is their a best practice solution for this idea? Should I fuse the positive line to the digital meter and if so what size fuse, thinking of using 1.25 amp fast fuse.
  3. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately that model is not 16s.
  4. I have a Mecer Axpert King inverter with 2 Shoto Lithium-ion (LFP) SDA10-48100L5 batteries (which I believe are 15S). The batteries are paralleled in a Master and Slave cascade. The cascade communication is RS485/RJ45 wired as per the user manual. User manual values are: Charging; minimum 53.2V, typical 56.4V and maximum 57.5V BMS total system protection for high voltage is 54.0V alarm, with protection at 54.75V I am very much a novice when it comes to Solar systems and have obtained much guidance from this Forum. When I set my system to the 56.4V charging value, the 4
  5. Thank you for the information.
  6. Thank you for the comment. It is a 15 cell Shoto. Where did you get the software to read the BMS? If you do not mind me asking, could you name the supplier that you returned the battery to? With the help of friends I have made up a comms cable and a comms cascade cable which seem to be working. At least no negative consequence from fitting them and the inverter (Axpert King) seems happy with the arrangement. However, there is no indication on the LCD that reports this. Wish that I could find out more technical information on this battery, being able to read the BMS woul
  7. My location: Western Cape, Inverter Axpert King and 9 Canadian 335 W panels and 2 x SDA10-48100 Lithium - iron batteries running in parallel. I have two SDA10-48100 Lithium - iron batteries running in parallel coupled to a single Mecer Axpert King inverter. I would like to ask the wise men of the Forum some questions about these batteries. The manual that came with the batteries recommends charge voltages as follows: Minimum 53.2 V, Typical 56.4 V and Maximum 57.5 V. I have set my inverter (programme step 26) to 53.2V. The battery's BMS over voltage protection is initia
  8. I have a Shoto SDA10-48100 L5 48V (100Ah) I think that it is a 15 string. Do you think that the Shoto that you are selling will be compatible with this?
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