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  1. Hi. I am not really using the inverter ful right now. I only power lights and TV now so mostly arou d 150w to 400w at most on screen. It started out as a loadshedding backup at first bit thought I have the rest might as well get the panels to see if I can power the loads during the day. I was hoping to have this work. The solar goes to 50w from around 4 o clock then the batteries start draining to fill the loads. That is on good sun days. Friday batteries were dead because of 2 days of no sun when load shedding hit I was out of battery.
  2. Hi everyone. I just got a 1 kw pannel set on the roof. I already had a 5kva inverter and 4 100ah bat's running 48v system. It worked fine with load shedding. I added the solar to see if I can ease some cost of the daily account. Thus far it cought me out with the first load shedding. Although I must say it was raining for 2 days without sun. It is set for solar first to power loads. I was hoping for a setting like solar then utility then battery but can't find it. I want to save the bat's for loadshedding as much as possible. Any help? Any ideas?
  3. Hi coulom. I have read through the posts and I need a different setup than #bushwacker. I have a 1kw solar setup with a axpert 5kva inverter and 4x 100ah gel batteries. My needs are probably SUB as in setting 01 but my inverter doesn't have the option. I want to power loads as cheap as possible during the day and savey battery for loadshedding. As with winter rain the sun is insufficient and then it drains the bat's and then power is off when loadshedding hits. I have set my charging to both solar and utility but doesn't seem to do that. Stays on solar charging. Do you know what setting might work. Looks like you are the expert.


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