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  1. Thanks @plonkster and @Louisvdw Going to try and source a 48/3000 GX model - I heard they are kind of scarce these days price wise I think they are a bit more expensive but would look neater at the end of the day and has a faster processor.
  2. Thanks @plonkster Just to confirm, i should rather go with the Multiplus II GX (if available) as opposed to the normal Multiplus II + VenusGX or CerboGX Does the Multiplus II + VenusGX has more usable ports and be better in the longer run or not compared to using just a Multiplus II GX? I am definitely going to install panels later in the year (waiting on body corp approval).
  3. Hi @VisN @iops @louisjvdw @plonkster, so I've sort of decided to spend a bit more and go blue as they say....... I have read up on VisN's Thread Here and just would like to clarify the below: If i go with a MultiplusII 48/3000 GX model - would I still need: The Venus GX And/or the Victron MPPT in the event I want to install solar panels (I assume I would need it for both - just to confirm ) MK3USB interface device for setup etc or is this not required when going with the GX models? Ive gotten a quote for R21505 for the multiplusII 48/3000 plus the colour control GX built in which I assume I would still need a USB wifi which can pick up for around R150. given the 2 options above - would you rather go with the GX model Inverter (R22585) or non-gx and get the colour control (would I still need the Venus GX if i have the colour control or is it the same thing just with a screen?)
  4. Valley lol...... How did you know? Ok do you know of any installers in the area? I just want to start of with a few quotes first and then see what works out best
  5. Thanks @Louisvdw just a quick one, what is the difference between the multiplus II and the multiplus II with the GX? I would like to have some IoT functionality as I've got many smart appliances and would also like to monitor the status of the batteries etc etc remotely. Does the Multiplus II have this functionality out of the box or would I need to purchase the GX colour screen (or usb wifi dongle etc) to make use of it? the Victron website is a bit vague or maybe im just too new at all of this and dont really understand everything lol
  6. Thanks @Chris-R for the feedback, I have read that you could possibly have warranty issues using only 2x 2.4kw batteries with a 5kva inverter due to the max load even though you could limit this on the inverter settings itself I assume? and that atleast 9.6kwh would be required to adequately run the 5kva system which for me would be too expensive and a bit of overkill for my needs. If you were in my position would you rather go with a 3kva setup or fork out a bit more and go 5kva albeit with the 2x 2.4kw pylons?
  7. Thanks @plonkster for the feedback - I am going to see if the guy doing the installation doesn't have one of those power meters laying around for me to use, installer also advised me to go with the US3000 and said I can even add on a US2000 later on once budget allows for better power supply going forward. Lets say I would rather go for 2x US2000 at +-R15kea and a 5kva inverter - what inverter would you recommend? I was looking at the Growatt but have read up and seems that owners have endless communication issues which is not something I would want to manage.
  8. Morning guys, Apologies for being a newcomer and the first post being a 1 liner. Like everybody else in SA I'm trying to find a good solution to avoid loadshedding which we all expect is going to last a few more years. I stay in a 3 bedroom ground floor apartment which is quite eco-friendly already (Gas water heater, gas stove although the oven is still electrical) and have procured energy efficient appliances. Currently running at home is the following which I would like to power: Kenwood Home Theatre 220w - rarely going to use but would like to (lights would be switched off) Subwoofer 100w - rarely going to use but would like to (lights would be switched off) WiFi Router - unsure of wattage LG TV - 205w DStv - model 6s no idea of power consumption - assume 50w? PS4 - 110w - hardly would use Fridge I think 350w will be safe? model LG J247sluv 12 Lights in the apartment - usually about 4 max would be on simultaneously (I think 15w fluorescent bulbs) Laptop and monitor - not sure on wattage Dont think I would use the dishwasher, washing machine or microwave during load shedding I have been going thru various posts yesterday and many people say if they had to do it over again they would just purchase a Victron Inverter from the onset, my budget is not that big - Max R50k and I would like to procure the best system without exceeding that cost. I was looking at a Victron 48/3000 inverter due to peoples recommendation and if I do need to upgrade - I think the market is quite good for these units so that wouldnt be an issue as well. I just want to hear you guys thoughts on this and would a 3kva system be sufficient for my needs or should I go for another brand but 5kva which would probably cost a bit less?
  9. Hi Charl, if you dont mind - care to message me where you purchased your new system from? i am looking for similar specs to what you have upgraded to. Thanks,
  10. Hi guys, complete newcomer here, i am looking to install a 5kva battery backup system with 400ah of battery power due to loadshedding being a pain in the backside. I will need to run some lights, 3 bedroom apartment as well as the usual tv, home theatre, ps4 and the fridge. I have a gas water heater as well a gas stove. Based in Midrand and hoping you guys know some suppliers that won't charge an arm and a leg? Thanks


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