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  1. Dyness 3.6kwh.pdfDyness 2.4kwh.pdf Im not sure if these help. Im also looking to buy 2 3.6kwh I have not been able to find much info or reviews on these batteries
  2. Have you sold your pylontech batteries yet
  3. charl

    6kw Li-iron tech

    I see it is the same phone number as the solarcity RSA website
  4. charl

    6kw Li-iron tech

    Thanks for the reply This is the store that is selling them http://li-iontech.co.za/index.php/product/12kwh-lithium-ion-batteries-with-10yrs-warranty-last-year-stock-clearance-sale-50-off/ Anyone know if this store is actually at Moffitt retail park in pe
  5. charl

    6kw Li-iron tech

    Has anyone had any experience with the 6kw Li-iron tech batteries from Li-iron tech RSA in moffet Retail park in port Elizabeth. Im looking to buy 2 for my 5kva axpert Inverter Any advice would be welcomed
  6. Where did you buy your batteries. I'm also looking to buy 2 batteries to work with my axpert 5kva and will also need the settings
  7. Sorry. Should have said live and neutral. Yes it the braker on a external DB It is still under warranty and took it back to the supplier this morning. They said they will contact me on Monday. My worry is it could take ages to get new parts if that's the problem. How available are replacement parts? Sent from my C6833 using Tapatalk
  8. It seems to be just tha ac input. Because the inverter continued to work off the solar and batteries. I would not have known there was a problem if I did not check solarMon and see there was no AC power coming onto the inverter Sent from my C6833 using Tapatalk
  9. Hi guys I've been running my inverter for a few months and yesterday I noticed there was no eskom power into my inverter. I found that the braker had tripped. And would not go back up. There is a dead short between the positive and negative. I disconnected the power into the inver and the short is in the inverter. Has anyone had this problem and is this by any chance a small problem like a fuse. Or do I need to disconnect everything and take the inverter back. Sent from my C6833 using Tapatalk
  10. charl

    New battery bank

    Ya. From what I've read is the naradas are back up batteries. And not ment for daily cycles. So I've kinda decided of trojans over narada. Is there anything better than the trojans for my price range Sent from my C6833 using Tapatalk
  11. Hi guys. I am going to be buying a new battery bank. 24v. I'm looking to spend around 20k on this bank. I'm looking for batteries that will give me the most bang for buck. I can get 8 trojan t105re for around that price. Does anyone have any other suggestions. My other option is 4 narada 12NDT200. But I can not find what the life span of these would be in daily cycles. Considering I would be cycling them ever day Any suggestions would help. Sent from my C6833 using Tapatalk
  12. Im needing a BMV-700, or 702. Are you still able to get? What is the price?
  13. Its not to clear if its 1600 or 1650. Don't think it will make to much of a difference.
  14. Here goes my 2 cents Iv been looking at a 24v bank of the Torjan T105RE. 4 batteries at R9 984.80 My calculations go as follows: 225ah X 24v X 50% x 1750 cycles. = 4725KwH From the bank. Devided by the R9 940.80 Is R2.10/ KwH. But here is the difference, I currently use 2.7KwH from Eskom and 1.4 Kwh direct from the panels. That makes my cost of power R1.38/Kwh. Now I'm working it this way because i have already paid for my setup, and it was never intended to make me money, but more of a hobby. I'm currently paying R1.87/KwH before the increase. By this calculation, I'll be making money, and I;m happy. Anyone see any flaws in my calculations.


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