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  1. Hi all, I have been searching this forum and found a lot of posts around the Infinisolar V but nothing much on Infinisolar VII. Here's what I have found: King I found the king can communicate directly with the battery to get SOC. It is noisy and has a lower max solar of 4000kw and has a low voltage mppt requiring 2 panel series strings to be connected in parallel. It does mix power and it properly isolates using AC to DC. http://www.sustainable.co.za/media/pdf/kodak/kodak_king_datasheet.pdf Infinisolar VII Has a higher max solar of 5000kw and a high volatage mppt requiring at least 3 panels per series string up to a max of 9. It is on grid so it mixes power but not in the same fashion as the king so it make leak power backwards in some occasions. https://voltronicpower.com/en-US/Product/Detail/InfiniSolar-V-II-1.5KW-2KW-3KW-5KW Background I am looking at getting a backup system in place and then a bit later a solar panels for daytime. During load shedding times I would use grid for nighttime with battery as backup. When there is no load shedding I would like to use the battery at night for low loads. I don't have a shading problem on my roof. Questions Using ICC and the pylontech 3000 will I have any issues with SoC with either device? Will the ICC setup with infinisolar have limitations that the direct cable to the king would have solved. For the inifisolar if the power draw is greater than 5kw will it mix grid power and use solar (say 5kw from pv and 3kw from grid). I know the king will bypass in this case. Is this device quieter than the king? Is the VII higher quality than the V which is known to be poor quality? Is there an obvious answer on which device to pick that industry already knows?


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