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  1. I unticked the “limit to load only” box. Seems to be working.... thanks. I also ticked the “priority load” box in order to prioritise pv power to the load instead of charging the batteries. I also changed the time settings from 05:00-13:00 to 85% instead of the previous 100%. I don’t have a prepaid meter~ so is the last recommendation still warranted??
  2. @ Achmat: I haven’t made any changes to the inverter settings. Will do so later today, based upon your recommendations. @bloubul: thanks for the input.I think the no draw settings from 05:00-13:00 is to ensure that I have sufficient battery backup if load shedding kicks in later on in the day. But I think your point is that PV should be suffice you for me, based upon my under 1kw usage (without the kettle; spikes) and what my system is meant to produce.
  3. @ Achmat: I used my tablet this morning. With the phone, that screenshot recommendation still wasn’t working. Let me know if you want any other specific screens.
  4. Sorry man. Struggling with making file smaller to upload.. 3MB limit
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