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  1. Ok sorted, brand new inverter faulty from the box, confirmed by support guys. Supplier organising return.
  2. Hi The battery is a Pylontech 3000. The inverter reads all the info in regard to the battery. Charges it ect. It just does not switch over to the battery when Eskom goes out. The inverter stays on. You can here it click inside but no power output when it supposed to change over.
  3. Do you have a number that I can WhatsApp pics to...
  4. Hi Does anyone have experience setting up this particular machine. Purchased a bundle offer from a company for my parents home and had it setup but the inverter does not switch over to battery when Eskom is down. Before returning the machine I just wanted to find out other experiences with the Deye inverter as we have failed at every turn to figure this thing out. Plus my folks are old school so they on my case. How could I get something so expensive that does not work...eish.
  5. I have very little knowledge of how these systems work and want to find out if you need to have a fuse between the battery and the inverter.
  6. I recently purchased a load shedding kit to power my home when Eskom is down. The idea was to get something decent which I could upgrade to solar at a later stage. I purchased an Axpert 5kva 4kw inverter with a 5kw UFO lithium battery. I had the items setup and it works. I have all my lights and plugs connected except stove, geyser and pool pump. I have basic knowledge of the system and I would like to find out if anyone else has a similar setup, their experience with it and how does it work in detail and the settings for it to run efficiently. For eg, what do the readings mean on t
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