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  1. @MongooseMan and @Tariq Thanks so much for the guidance and offers of assistance. I will definitely take these into consideration once I have all my ducks in a row. Appreciate it.
  2. Thanks. What kind of time frame are we looking at for COCT approval? If you look at the website, they require you to apply before you purchase and also for the installer to provide plans etc for the system which must be approved before you build. So are you saying that if you have a COCT approved inverter and single phase, you dont have to do the application? Thanks. Sorry for all the questions, just want to know what I am letting myself in for.
  3. I am referring to the regulations on the website: https://www.capetown.gov.za/Family and home/Greener-living/Saving-electricity-at-home/going-solar. https://resource.capetown.gov.za/documentcentre/Documents/Procedures%2c guidelines and regulations/Requiremenst for Samll-Scale Embedded Generation.pdf Was just wondering if I will have to go through all this... or is this all outdated info?
  4. I see that the City of Cape Town wants us to jump through quite a bit of hoops to obtain permission to install a PV system. Anyone here that can recommend an installer that will be able to provide the necessary information required by COCT?
  5. Thanks for the advice all. Will forge ahead with the investigations and feedback once I know a bit more in terms of power hungry appliances.
  6. Thanks for the tips. Really did not know Plasma's take up that much power. I do have a Plasma that could do with replacing that is on most of the time. Think I will get me a Sonoff Pow R2 as well to test components draw. (make up a lead) Anyone know where I can source and Efergy? Doesnt seem to be in stock anywhere.
  7. Thanks for the response and suggestions. Fortunately for me , no one baths. All showers. I have noticed that my teen daughters have the electric blankets going at night, however. They have been back at school since the beginning of August so no real day time usage until 3pm when they get home. I will admit that the parents are real tea drinkers (even in summer) so have not really watched how they boil water etc. I like the idea of the blinking prepaid meter to see what circuits are they heavy pullers. I think I will invest in an Effergy to give me a clearer ide
  8. Hi. Thanks so much for you response. Yeh, I am at a loss here of what is using so much electricity. Like I said, I had 2 geysers that were on permanently, and have recently invested in a Solar Geyser to provide the necessary savings of electricity, but I am still not satisfied that we are using this much electricity a day. (Ave spend per month is between R 3500 - R 4000 per month. ) If I can make some kind of saving here that would help to fund the batteries i need to purchase. I think the first thing I will need to do is perhaps get my electrician out here and try
  9. Hi all. Very new here and need some advise please. I have no previous experience with Solar, except having solar geysers installed. I am based in Cape Town So here goes. My household (4 adults and 2 teens) utilizes approximately 40KW or Units (Per Prepaid meter) a day. Most of the usage around 75% or 30 units (as per my crude hourly calcs and recording) takes place during the day from about 7am to 6pm. Thereafter it consumes around 10 units for the rest of the evening until 6am the next morning. This however includes topping up the solar geyser temperature as
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