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  1. for long time i wanted an ac unit.. now that is more interesting, i could set it to start at 90% SoC and then draw the power from the panels to the AC unit instead of charging the batteries.. it could run from 90% SoC to lets say 60% SoC, then i would still have enough battery to get through the night on my other appliances hooked up to the battery. Now i just need to find an AC unit i can control by MQTT
  2. ahh yes. right now my inverter is set to PYL 05 setting, so i am pretty sure i am not allowed to change charge current and voltages. then i have to set it to USER settings to do that, but then i will loose my SoC rading, which is presented by the Pylon batteries through my inverter atm. luckily we have not much sun in Denmark right now. so i will not get a 100% charge before march anyway. when the SoC reads 100% i can see the inverter stops charging. and only holds the voltage steady. by reading through my watt meter on the Victron BMV only a little wattage goes to the batteries.
  3. Thanks Coulumb. i think i need to figure out how to stop charging at 95% SoC then, i cant find a setting in the menu where i can choose this. Any1 with an idea to this? maybe i can set it up in the bms for the pylontech?
  4. Hi forum. My first post, have a user mostly for downloading firmware for my MPP 5048 MK for which i have connected two Pylontech US3000 batteries. Which report SoC to my inverter. ive made a logic with mppt via solpiplog, and was wondering which SoC i can go to at the lowest on the pylontech batteries. Right now my logic is as in attached picture. Short;: change to grid charge at 10%, Change back to Solar charge at 15%, Change to ECO (Bypass mode) at 20% and lastly go to battery mode at 25% i will only use the Grid as backup. But can i go as low as 1% Soc before i do this?
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