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  1. The absolute truth, our move to an ev in KZN has been a journey of cutting/bleeding edge fun and sheer frustration. Until a few months ago there was no charge points still working in KZN. BMW SA have let all theirs break and stay broken. One clever way not to let us charge for free as per sale agreement. Everything changed with the advent of the Gridcars/Jaguar SA Powerway DC CCS rapid chargers of which we now have 3! A 94Ah charges to 85% from say 35% within 15 minutes. The negative is we pay a premium of R5.88/kwh - really steep. For our i3 that equates to around 90c/km. Not an issue as 80% of our charging is at home on mains or solar. BMW SA really has no commitment to ev sales however Jaguar and hopefully VW have upped the game massively.
  2. Currently the 120Ah i3 is available and Samsung have just revealed new cell densities for the i3 batteries that will take it to 150Ah. That translates to 400km range. We have covered 54000km over the last 32 months that we would have driven in our Prado. The VW ID.3 has been launched and we are looking at that as our next ev. Its Golf sized and at approx the price of the top of range Golf. It will have a minimum of 400km range and with 100kw DC charging will be full if on the road in less than 45 minutes from empty. The BMW i3 simply needs no maintenance and current research is showing the battery good for 500k miles! Our one still has more than its new rated battery capacity available after nearly 3 years. In contrast the Nissan Leaf battery is a disaster especially in warm climates. In Africa we will always need ICE vehicles - my Prado tows our caravan anywhere.
  3. It is true that using coal generated power there is a carbon footprint however as ev is approx 90% efficient and a diesel barely 30% efficient the carbon foot print is a lot less for the same distance driven with diesel or petrol.
  4. Except for the whole lot of carbon monoxide-CO, hydrocarbons-HC, particulate matter-PM and nitrogen oxides-NOX it produces for our children to inhale!
  5. Hi there. Be careful here. That advert is wrong. Per the picture that is not a Rex (range extender) version - no front fuel flap over the front right wheel and per the centre display is a low spec small battery 60Ah model. Range here a max of 90 to 120km with no petrol backup range extender. Dealerships should not falsely advertise.
  6. At 47000km our 94Ah cars battery still has a max capacity in excess of the BMW factory guaranteed maximum for a new car. BMW has a superb thermally controlled battery. There are ones in the USA with over 200000 miles and are still well within spec. There is a 60Ah in Jhb that has just clocked 200000km and also well within spec. Battery issues are the last thing to worry about with BMW's. Not the case with the poor thermal control of the Leaf's.
  7. Indeed range is depended on a lot. As ev's are incredibly efficient outside factors effect them dramatically ie rain, wind have major effects and temperature. Average range is the best bet by way of example :- my home of Eshowe is 25km and 550m climb from the coastal N2. The nav system calculates range based on current useage and mapping provided terrain and previous info if route driven before. Going for Eshowe to Durban (on average downhill) get up to 220km on a charge however returning from Durban get a max of 150km range.
  8. Yes installed a type 2, 3 phase charger at my business which has 15.3kw of grid tie however the R50 per charge for a 94Ah battery car is normal prices and we get between 170 and 210km on a full charge. Very tax efficient to charge at work as vat deductible expense and still get full SARS travel allowance.
  9. Well I guess that's one way to make sure you never own one.
  10. Our 47000km in the last 30 months would have been with our Prado which uses around R1.80/km diesel only ie R84600. That's huge. They are truly exciting to drive. Acceleration is crazy. R50 of electricity gives around 180km range. Everything else feels archaic.
  11. Hi there. A friend of mine in Durban bought the 60Ah battery only for use in and around Durban. 100km range or more. The 60Ah Rex would be a good choice for CapeTown. Get them to check what percentage of new capacity the battery is at tho. Our 94Ah after 47000km has a battery capacity that still exceeds the guaranteed new capacity.
  12. Or 40 minutes to about 85% at a CCS DC rapid.
  13. Overnight on a 3 pin wall plug or 3.5 hours on a 3 phase level 2 charger (that's for the 94Ah model we own)
  14. Hi Travis - great write-up. We are also keen for the bigger battery in a year or so. We have had 1 puncture in the 31k km driven and very slow at that. Do you know when the 120Ah is due? I would be very careful buying a used Leaf as their batteries are not thermally controlled and decay fast - up to 10% per year. Regards BTW: https://web.facebook.com/groups/2005787059640688/ South African Electric Vehicle Owners
  15. Check out @InsideEVs’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/InsideEVs/status/1010734273433952256?s=09
  16. Quick one on our i3. 31000km in 19 months. 60% recharges from solar and balance free from BMW. Our Prado gathering a bit of dust. 31000km in the Prado = estimate R57000. Best thing the wife and I have ever done.
  17. Installed a 72 cell watering system last week. Actually installed as 3 x 24 cell. Should have done it ages ago. Beyond a mission topping and checking the whole bank.
  18. Drove the BMW i3 to Joburg this weekend. Our return drive today may be of interest as is was without stops bar 2 petrol stops for the range extender. Routed via Standerton, Volksrust and Vryheid to Eshowe - 560km. Left Fourways with full battery and range extender tank. Drove at regulation max speed whole way. Needed a total of 21 litres petrol (including fill once home) and arrived in with the battery at 15% ie 3.75l/100km. There was no recharging on route.
  19. Have not been able to login via tapatalk for several weeks now hence my silence.
  20. Records can be good and bad. Sunday last, 14th May, Eshowe experienced huge storms including 141mm of rain. And a first for my business system, the 60 panels created zero generation. First time in nearly 2 years. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. Yes, mine monitors temp and backs off the current however the batteries still will heat up just slower and to a lower temp compensated voltage. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  22. My batteries have been as high as 36°c in summer. A hot day is only part of the reason, the temp gain while they are being bulk (absorption) charged amounts to several degrees. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  23. Just topped up my 24 × Trojans. 72 cells. Took a while. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  24. For a 5kva inverter is a 300Ah bank maybe a bit small and been pushed a bit hard hence a cell failure? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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