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  1. I don't suppose there's a step-by-step instruction list for the firmware upgrade?
  2. And then, of course, I will need to read up on, and execute, the firmware upgrade. Let's see if I can find out enough to become somewhat confident, else I will come with more questions on that too!
  3. Txs, FrancoisRabe, I see that clearly developing. I have now set my machinery to the recommended settings and will run it to establish a pattern of how it works. Once I can discern that, I may well have a new list of questions (likely!) and come back!
  4. Txs, Coulomb, that's helpful. I'm learning here, but I feel still along way to go!!
  5. Hi Coulomb: I've done some reading on the link that you sent me. Btw I attach the label here that I promised in the previous response and forgot to attach ... Is this one of those where I could update the firmware? The one thing I'm not sure about is the chemistry of the battery. This manufacturer produces an LFP model, but that looks different on their web pictures than this one (is also more expensive). This one does not state anything but Lithium Ion. I read that the voltage reading on the inverter and the battery pack can differ. Voltage seems to be fairly close in my case (i ne
  6. Btw, I'm also not entirely sure which Mecer 5kVA I have (it should be about 2yrs old), I attach a picture of the product label. There is a later one, I believe, that's called 'King', I'm not sure whether that's a direct replacement or an additional model. But I'll check the link you provide, txs!
  7. Txs, Coulomb. Seems to me that you pursue the same goal I do, as little as possible utility charging! Although mine still reverts back automatically. I'm still finding out about battery capacity and allowable inverter current, to go totally Eskom-free I may have to go bigger. But at least by that time I hope to understand what I'm doing! Txs for the explanation, that's quite helpful. These may well not be my last questions yet!
  8. Txs, Shadders, that's helpful. The set-up with my battery is actually a RJ45 plug (USB plug on the other end), that fits in a relevant port on the battery, marked RS232? Could that mean that the RS232 go USB is possibly built-in? Enticing thought! But, good advice, I'll contact ICC and see what they say.
  9. Thanks for your help, Coulomb. In the mean time, the importer that sold me the battery, has given me updated recommended settings for my inverter/battery. But there's something I do not understand. Ok, these settings 'will give you the best use of solar input and battery life cycle', so there would be some stretch for 'opinion' in there, but the battery was advertised to me as '3000 cycles at 80% DoD, 2000 cycles at 90% DoD'. I'm happy with 3000 cycles for the price (was definitely cheaper than Pylontech!), so one would expect to set it up towards 80% DoD. Yet, he recommends 'back to util
  10. I'm also looking for the correct Bulk Charging Voltage (CU voltage) and Float Charging Voltage settings. In my case both are set @ 54V. I've read some scary comments on the life time reduction a Float Charging Voltage set-too-high can cause ....
  11. Txs, Coulomb: I figured I need a gap between back to grid and back to battery, I guess, I'll start at the parameters from the spec sheet and see where that gets me. I have an SBU setting on my inverter and upon re-reading the explanation you must be correct: SOL switches to grid when no solar available, or battery voltage below certain level, SBU only switches to grid when battery voltage below certain level. I'll set the charging to 40A, if that leaves the batteries not sufficiently charged I could always go higher?
  12. I have recently replaced my unsuitable and all-but-dead lead-acid truck batteries (don’t ask!) with a 10kWh Lithium Ion battery from Hangzhou Kingor New-energy Technology Co.,Ltd., KG48-200FT64, ie 48V, 200Ah. to go with my Mecer 5KVA 48V and 12 Canadian 330W each panels. My target is solar consumption and charging during the day, battery draw down during the night and thanks-but-no-thanks to Eskom (my stove and geyser are still wired to Eskom, until I get a 2nd 5KVA!). After an initial finding of hectic charging/discharging (see below) I ran the battery for a long session with bot
  13. I also received a comms cable with the new battery, RJ45 to USB. I have connected this cable between the battery and my Raspi3 running ICC, but nothing happening. Presumably there is a software solution to manage the battery's BMS via this cable. Anybody any ideas? (it's a simple cable, whereas, when I look at images of the Pylontech cable, there is some sort of 'box' in the middle of it. Not the case here)
  14. I have now taken the leap and purchased a 10kWh Lithium Ion battery from Hangzhou Kingor New-energy Technology Co.,Ltd., KG48-200FT64, ie 48V, 200Ah. Ran the battery for a long session with both solar and grid disconnected, performed well. The inverter settings have been changed by the person installing it and the result was charging for an hour, discharging for an hour, this 5 times until the inverter decided to stop the switching and just power by grid an keep the battery charged. This does not achieve what I want: solar consumption and charging during the day, battery draw down during the n
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