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  1. I will see if I can do the "resistive test" as soon as I can find a clamp meter, thanks for the idea. I don't think the meter is faulty, as we use about 900-1300kWh per month, which I would think is high enough to not be under-measured.
  2. Ok so I couldn't wait, and I put in a new cable for the CT. I twisted the wires myself, but there shouldn't have been any interference, as the wire was run along the ground, far away from AC cables. Inverter says I consumed 11kWh until now. I generated 6.1kWh, so municipal use should be 4.9kWh. However the meter changed by 2.86kWh only. Has someone else (perhaps with a DEYE/Sunsynk inverter) also tested to see if the data actually adds up?
  3. @YellowTapemeasure Thanks for the info. They are sharing the same conduit, but the total length is around 4m. The twisted cable from the CT clamp is joined to normal/straight wires in the DB, and it then runs to the inverter box through a conduit. To test, I will braid my own wire and run it around a wall for about 10m total, as the conduit runs through a wall. I'll do it first thing in the morning, so I'll have a full day worth of data to compare.
  4. Thanks for the details Paul. I've called and sent Shabir a message explaining my issue, and will let you know when I hear back from him. I have version 3854 installed...
  5. So after 1 day's proper measurements (not fiddling with the clamp), this is what I got: Municipal energy used (meter readings): 16.2kWh Energy purchased according to inverter: 39.3kWh Energy generated + municipal energy: 34.7kWh Total consumption energy according to inverter: 56.1kWh Perhaps someone else could do the same exercise to compare? I am still waiting for Deye to respond about my firmware version.
  6. Hi Peter. That picture was from Achmat, showing how he solved his issue. My wires were correct from the get-go (on CT2), as you can see below. But who knows, maybe the gremlins will disappear after playing around with the clamp...
  7. Thanks Achmat. I've changed the clamp back around, and checked that it is on CT-L2. So I am back where I began. I will monitor and post the results on Sunday. Here is what I have now:
  8. Thanks PaulinNorthcliff and everyone else. I've now changed the clamp, but a different problem popped up. I am now generating 27W of power (impossible), consuming 0W, and exporting 1.1kW to the grid (so it's showing -1.1kW). My grid feedback is blocked (as set by installer, zero export to CT), and I've checked that the wheel/meter is not turning backwards. It was stationary and at times moving forward. I assume that the direction WAS in fact correct, and I now need to change it back?
  9. Thanks all. It was actually plain to see (once I removed the clamp. The clamp has an arrow indicating the direction in which energy should flow. However, the installer probably found that the clamp was difficult to install the correct way around, so he just took the easy way out. I've managed to get the clamp out, but I'm struggling to install it again. I am sure that was the problem, but will give feedback later. Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks, I will change it and let you know. FYI, for the past 24 hours, the consumption at the meter was 23kWh, while the inverter shows it should have been 50.9kWh (total consumption less generated kWh).
  11. I don't think that's the problem. See pic below, the clamp is only around the live wire coming in from the grid. I asked the installer, but I don't agree with his view that the inverter needs to "build a memory" before the readings will be accurate. With the panels now online, I will post the readings again on Sunday (municipal + generation should be close to consumption + losses)...
  12. Hi, I am new to world of renewables. I have an 8kW Deye inverter (installed 6 January), with 18 x 330W panels (being installed today) and a US3000 battery. With the panels being installed a week after the inverter, it has given me a chance to monitor our power consumption from the grid for a week. The problem is that the inverter states that we've used 318kWh in the past 6 days, while the municipal meter has only read 181kWh. I would understand a small difference, but surely something is wrong with the inverter's readings?
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