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  1. Hi Coulomb

    Looking for some advice got meccer 48v 5kva with 8x 330w solar panels got 4 in series and 4 in parallel but battery is 5.1 100amp hour lithium but not getting the correct volts to charge battery what is the best why to connect panels and how many would you suggest,would appreciate any help.Thanks Cliffie   

  2. Thanks will set to SOL and give it a try
  3. Hi Coulomb The settings it has is solar battrey utility or solar or utility that's the 3 settings it has looking to found out if there is away to add a setting solar utility battery so batterys can only be used when load shedding comes,I am using watch power program. Thanks
  4. Hi wolfandy my Merccer only has sbu will try setting back to guide voltage high and see if that works Thanks
  5. Good day I am new to this forum can some one please assist I got Meccer 5Kva inverter is there a patch to be able to see it to solar utility then battery only setting is solar battrey and then utility,would appreciate any help Thanks
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