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  1. Hi All, after 5 years of using an RCT Axpert 5 K with 8 12 v 100 Ah batteries, 8 PV panels liked 2 x4 and a lot of problems I found powerforum.co.za. All the issues you mentioned concerning the Axpert like "back to grid" and constant mode changing seem to happen to my setup. I have played around to at the moment 12= 46 V, 13 = 53 V, Float (27) = 54, Bulk (26) = 56.4 V If I change from Utility to SBU it takes first from the Battery until Battery is below 90%. It takes log to change over. I wonder if the upgrade would help. Main CPU Version is 72.40, Secondary is 1.24. Then I cant make out what OSO means. Any advice is appreciated but at this time I am broke
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