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  1. Thanks a lot, this advice is very helpful
  2. We have got to the bottom of this, mistakenly float charge has been set to cutoff voltage. Inverter is confused and not charging after finishing the bulk charge and depleting batteruu before getting to sch a low float voltage. Case resolved, thanks a lot @Coulomb and @pilotfish
  3. Is there a free resource with approximate wind data for South Africa? Similar to what exist for Global Solar Irradiation? Thanks!! Regards Luis
  4. Hello We would like to be able to see in real time the commands been send from an smart battery to an Axpert inverter. We have seen the inverter to react to the comments but we are not sure which commands the battery is sending. is there hardware which could be placed in the system to monitor the commands received by the inverter, we have the comm protocol table. Thanks
  5. Hello, Could someone point me out to the right software to update firmware on this inverters, there are quite a few good firmware versions out there which seems interesting to test. Thanks for your help,
  6. Dear All, We have 2 x 5Kva Axperts, latest version, connected in parallel. These are set in SOL and with PV as the only charging method. For some reason once the PV array finalise charging the battery after a little while the inverters switch off the PV input (both of them) and start working from the battery (not from the grid) until the jump back to the grid voltage is reached at which point the battery will wait until next day to be recharged again. This is an inefficient usage of the inverter and once the battery is full we would like the PV to continue supplying the loads in p
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