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  1. Apologies P1000, was in a hurry and had an emergency. Thought you were Coulomb. Thanks to everyone for the help and info
  2. Thank you Coulomb. I'm learning a lot from you. The busted unit is actually PWM. I read up on on MPPT and that's definitely the way to go when I upgrade, but for now too expensive and the PWM is enough to keep my little 60Ah bank floating even on overcast days. Even when I draw a bit more at night and it goes into saturation mode, it floats again before 11am. That's because I manually set the panel up at 60° and pointing east just before sunrise, turn it North East at 45° around 10am, dead North at 30° between noon and 1pm, North West at 45° around 2:30 and then dead West at 60° for
  3. When I removed the controller from my wall to take the kit to the starter battery it fell about 2 cm onto the table. It was fine before that. Thinking about it now, the controller lights shouldn't even have lit up when reverse connected. It was the top transistor in the pic that was smoking and the unit got burning hot (metal backplate). This is where my experience fails, but this little knock seems to have caused both the reverse current protection and PWM action to fail. I didn't read 21.2v across the battery terminals, but OC from the unit terminals afterwards. This is why
  4. I thought it was cheap because it didn't have a digital display. Hey, it's just a transformer, right? That was 3 months ago. The thing failed because it got the slightest tap.
  5. I mean, seriously? Did they just throw solder in its general direction?
  6. Hi Coulomb Ja, my "solar" batteries are VRLA deep cycle, or as my friend who's in a wheelchair calls them, traction batteries. It's OEM stuff, but his has lasted almost 3 years now in spite of having pulled them past 50% a few times. He prefers using his normal chair, but they are used regularly enough. He just puts them on charge immediately after use and on float when parked for a while. What I was trying to do was to test my setup on a 415Ah flooded car battery to see if it could help maintain batteries on equipment in remote parts of the farm where they can stand for months befor
  7. Thank you Kalahari Meerkat. Ja nee, if I ever did that again, I'm going back to fire and stone tools because I don't deserve electricity.
  8. Hi all Firstly, I must mention that I am not in the same league as the other members on this forum. Sometimes three really bad things can happen at once and it can take everything from you. I'll spare you the details, but I ended up living in a caravan in the Karoo, isolated and helping on the farm in return for food and shelter. To be honest, I prefer this to society, but once covid is under control, I'll have to fight my way back. For now, I have NO money, so what I have, I have to look after. No use suggesting I buy anything at this stage even if you mean well. Someone d
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