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BMV-702 displayed voltage is about 5V low


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My BMV-702 is showing a voltage that is about 5V low as measured with both my charge controllers and a voltmeter. It is also giving me top / bottom balance alarms (was set at 2% raised to 3% still happening near top of charge,) but when I put a meter on the bank the top and bottom are the same voltage.

Full disclosure, I'm pretty sure I do have one bad battery (4 12V in series - 48V bank) and there are 2 HA-02 balancers on the bank.

Other functions of the 702 seem to be accurate. Amps in and out and SOC look good.


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I've changed both the b1 and b2 inline fuse holders and replaced the fuses with new 1 amp fuses. This did nothing to fix the erroneous voltage readings on the BMV-702. The voltage readings are even more inaccurate. I cleaned the dust out of the shunt. This did not help. My 702 is basically worthless except it seems to accurately track amp hours in and out.

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I could post a series of pictures, but it's wired correctly. The meter worked beautifully and accurately for about 3 years. I haven't changed anything it just started giving false top / bottom alarms a few months ago. I would get out the meter and there was no difference in top / bottom battery bank voltage. That was when I noticed that the bmv voltage did not match the voltage shown on my charge controllers or my multimeter.

At this moment, the bank is floating at 56V. The bmv says it is 47V with a 3% difference between top and bottom. All 4 batts are at 14V as measured with a multimeter.




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