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All in one backup system


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Hi guys. Im new here and I'm new to renewable energy etc .

Ive got my first house 2 years ago and we change all the bulbs and down ligth for really low watt ( like 3w led) and recently the stove is a gas stove . Installed a cover for the pool and since then got really little loss of water and heat. Next step will be upgrade the geyser for solar and start to get some solar panel for electricity. ( i do have a contact to get battery used but really cheap ) .

What I'm in the market at the moment is a backup system . Just in case we have power shedding etc . I was looking at the yeti 1250 from goalzero ( i have 2 small solar charger from them and look well made ) plus at the moment is in offer for 9k .

I chcked other website for similar system and all of them are a little bit pricier or ellies has one for 6.5k but is not a neat portable system .

Has anybody any experience with it and would suggest the purchase?

This is a link to the specs



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Hi Andro,

What would you like to power with this "mobile" backup supply and for how long?

It would be much cheaper just to run these small UPS's where you need power.

To build something like this yourself is easy. One big box, AGM battery and sine wave invertor. Guess you can do that for around R4k.

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I was thinking of using it for my computer room. And leave it always on . Is where i have all my electronic etc and close to the balcony where i can put solar panel to charge it . That would be the start.

Except the things that you say i need ( excluded battery because i can get it for free) dont i need something to charge it ? And how do i check the amount of power that goes into and out of the box?

By the way thanks for your reply

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