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  1. This is indeed an interesting subject. I am now learing of this with an existing Deye install, where the neutrals was joined on the input and output side of the inverter. I have a Goodwe ES unit, but the way I understood NRS097, I installed a brand new earthing point at my house. This point was used for both the solar panels and the inverter. This ground point I join to my neutral on the output of the inverter. So far all working fine and no issues. So, input side of inverter is using council earth and output is using new earth point at my house.
  2. I am sorry, but some of the naming of the options and descriptions does not really make sense to me? Is there a reference document that gives a full description and function of each option?
  3. Attie, why not post a picture like Achmat?
  4. Should the CT not show Zero if everything is working correctly? Perhaps disconnect the battery and the PV and then see what the power flow looks like?
  5. So I have a friend that could not wait to get his Axpert replaced with a Deye unit. Now after a week he calls me in to help. Unit switches off when grid fails. So I went a had a look. Man, what a ballsup... So the "sparky" decided to wire the two Neutral terminal together, thus saving 2m of black wire. When mains fails, the unit still stays on and shows 230V on the output, but measuring shows Zero volts. I suspect the relay card failed? Would this be expensive to replace?
  6. @RikH, at no point did I say you must ground the negative of your PV panels, or you battery for that matter! If you do that, something will blow up or end up killing somebody!!! As @Sammyigt mentioned, all your PV panels needs to be grounded.
  7. As Saint mentioned, you have to enable the Export Power Limit and set the limit to ZERO. If your batteries is not enough to power you through multiple load sheddings, you either have to add more units, or limit the consumption during loadshedding, or increase the DOD for on-grid. In general mode the unit will not charge from mains, as that would be wasting money. Regarding the MPPT, 580V is the max for each string, not the total voltage, so you should be fine there.
  8. Hi Paul99. Welcome to the forum. Yes, rather run 2 completely separate strings. Each string can be configured differently. Say you have your original string of 10 x 400W. Keep that one as is. Connect your new panels onto the 2nd string. Both strings would then operate independently. That is why you have 2 MPPT's Regarding your battery settings, please use the PV Master APP to configure your system correctly. You should be in General mode. Further you have DOD (on-grid) and (off-grid). Here you can now configure the unit to work great. Say 50% for on-grid discharge and 89% for off-grid. Now under normal conditions your batteries will only discharge to 50% and then you still have 39% left for Load Shedding :)
  9. What does your set-up look like on the battery configuration? You have 2 x US2000 selected? Do you have your communication cable correctly connected? Do you have the dip switches configured correctly? Both batteries should be on Default. I have the US3000 units and mine goes up to 88%. They stay there for some time while amps is still flowing in. Then suddenly they would jump form 88% to 100% in a single step.
  10. Hi, Had my Goodwe GW5048D-ES running now for some years with 6.5kw of PV and 450AH of Lead Acid battery backup. End of last year changed to 4 x Pylontech US3000 as the old batteries was dead. To enable the Pylontech to work correctly, I had to update the firmware to 1151508. Only now I start to notice there is a 4.6kw limitation on the PV side since the upgrade. I used to get over 5.5 kw on some days. Anybody else have similar issues?
  11. Got the same question! Was hoping one could just add the extra 2 units and the BMS should take care of it?
  12. Hi, As of late I seem to be missing huge chunks of data on SEMS portal. I connect via WiFi fine to the inverter, so it is not the Wi-fi. I connect to my CCTV fine when away from home, so my internet at home also looks fine. All I can think of is that with our slow international speed, some data gets "lost"? Anybody else have the same problem? Thanks.
  13. With that amount of PV your battery should not discharge during the day!!! How is you PV panels connected to the inverter? All 17 in a single string, or two strings of 8 and 9?
  14. As stated above; R11/kg for collection. R11.50/kg when you drop off.
  15. I have phoned all the guys mentioned above, and they all willing to collect, so no issue there, thanks!!!
  16. Hi Carl, 8 of them is dead. Mostly there is a single cell that has died. The other 8 is still ok, but they using lots of water. They work ok, but I am not home so keeping up with the water consumption is a pain. I am sure we can make a plan.
  17. Thanks guys. I will give the Gumtree guys a go and report back.
  18. @Roarty, did you ever do the wind power? At one stage I also looked at that, but 48V units is very rare. Another option was to do a grid-tie system, but then I am not 100% sure how it would work with the Goodwe unit. With the Victro units you could connect it on the output side of the invertor, but not sure about the Goodwe. Regarding your geyser, why not also go for solar on the geyser? I have 2 x 200L geysers with 2 x 20 tubes. Have not switched on the power now for 3 years If there is a huge issue, then I have gas geyser backup.
  19. Ok, so the first thing that I saw was your very high charging current. Should that not be around 46Amps? 460AH * 0.1C ? Next one is your floating current is again on the very low side? 3Amps? Your invertor will charge your batteries at 59V until the charge current drops to 3 Amps for 30 minutes. This could take a very long time!!! Only at that stage will the unit report 100% SOC and drop the charge voltage to Float. Please monitor your system on a sunny day where you did not discharge your batteries during the night. Then see at what amps the batteries settle at once the voltage reach 59 Volts for some hours. Then make that amp value your new floating current, or say 1 amp more than that. Otherwise you never going to reach full 100% SOC on the system and might even overcharge your batteries! If you have General Mode (Self Use First) configured, the invertor will not use mains to charge your batteries, so once solar power is less than consumption, your batteries will start discharging again. Again, just me, but I would also lower my discharge current to say 42 Amps. That should offset your 2000W normal draw nicely. Remember, this is only a limit for while there is mains power. When mains power is lost, you would still be able to draw the full 4600W from your batteries. Perhaps you also need to look at your DOD settings. Your on-grid and off-grid values is the same. What could happen now is that during the night your batteries drain down to 50%, normal operation. If after this you now have a power failure, your system would not work, as your batteries is already down to 50%. Perhaps look at setting your on-grid DOD to 40% and your off-grid DOD to 60%? That will give you and extra 20% safety for power failures at night. During the day with PV power, it should not really make a huge difference.
  20. Hi Guys, I have 16 Trojan T105 batteries that is EOL. I have asked around in Cape Town and the best I could get was from a golf cart shop that offered me R50 per battery. Surely there must be somebody that would give me more from them? I have tried the battery shops, but they not even remotely interested. FNB that imports the batteries, also said as it's imported units, they will not give me anything for recycling them. Thanks.
  21. Ok, glad I am not the only one with this problem of the Conlog meters disconnecting the supply. Yes, you can goto CoCT and buy that meter, but then it will cost you R17k AND you have to go onto the solar tariff, which in my mind does not make financial sense at all!!! Also, when you on the Solar tariff, you are not allowed to export more than you consume. You also not allowed to have a negative bill, so you will always have to pay the Muni something. Perhaps for a business it might work, but not your normal home user. With the Infini you can try and play with the "feeding grid power" calibration value. Try using a negative value there. I have the exact same problem with my Goodwe Unfortunately Goodwe software does not allow a negative value for the export, so that is a bummer. Perhaps if we ask them as a group they might consider changing it? I have now added a 100W lamp before the Ezee meter. That has helped me during the day, but unfortunately now you have that constant 100W draw at night too. 2nd thing I have done was check my minimum draw at night. That was 500W. So then I limited the battery output to 10Amps. In effect the battery then could not export enough to trip the supply. Once the 2nd option was working fine, I put the light on a day/night switch, so during the day the lamp would burn and at night it would switch off. The above solution worked great for me for the past 2 years, but now I had to replace my batteries. Now unfortunately with the lithium BMS system, I cannot limit the output amps, thus back to running the 100W lamp 24/7. Is there really not somebody with good contacts at Goodwe that could help us with the software? Surely that should really not be such a big issue to change???
  22. Why not just install the SR868C8 controller and get it done correctly the first time!
  23. Finally some good news and feedback from my side. The fist time I tried the software upgrade, I only had the batteries connected. As my batteries is nearly dead, perhaps this was why the upgrade failed? After connecting both solar PV and the batteries, the upgrade worked first time. After the upgrade, I was still unable to select Pylon US3000 battery. Finally figured out it was EzManage app issue. Used PV Master app and all good. The connected the coms also failed as suggested by my supplier. Battery to CAN and Invertor to CAN. Only once Invertor end was connected to BMS did everything start to work correctly. I must say it was an extremely stressful exercise. Extremely relieved all working now.
  24. Well, not good news. Contacted Goodwe support. They told me to contact my supplier directly? Contacted my supplier, and they basically referred me back to the upgrade procedure here from Sengen Solar. Bad news is that the upgrade fail and now I have a blue brick Hoping my supplier can help me......
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