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  1. Hi Hi Paul I am also looking for an installer - could you perhaps recommend someone ? I am in Bellville (Northern Suburbs) Thank you
  2. Hi There I currently have a Goodwe GW5048D-ES inverter with 4x US3000B Pylontech batteries connected. I would like to add another 2x US3000B Pylontech batteries (and possibly later another 2x). Would this be ok since I noticed in the PV Master app that the selection of Pylontech US3000B batteries only goes up to 4x ? If it would be ok do I need to change any settings manually in the PV Master app ? Thank you
  3. I have also noticed at our office where we have led tube lights installed that some of the lights had a dim glow even if switched off - those lights were not connected properly (live - live, neutral - neutral). They were instead connected live-neutral and neutral to live - as soon as that was fixed on the light connection side the lights worked correctly.
  4. I had the same issue with another inverter brand. The electrician then did the bond on neutral and earth (apparently this is common practice). According to the electrician it is illegal to have higher than 20v(If I can remember correctly) on the neutral. ( I am not an installer or electrician just sharing what happened during my installation) Have a look at this Goodwe installation video : (take note at 03:10)
  5. I would also like to know if it is possible to add 1 or 2 of the US2000's to 4x US3000's
  6. Thank you for your quick reply Plonkster Did I then calculate correctly : if the load is 1000w the duration would be 3hrs 7 min @ 90% DOD with the Pylontech battery ? Would it be ok to add a second Pylontech battery a few months later or is it also recommended to have all batteries connected at the same time like the AGM batteries ? Would you recommend that I rather go for the Pylontech battery than the 4x 200ah Vision AGM batteries ? Any recommendations who I can contact for installation (electrician)? I am in Bellville, Cape Town. Thank you very much for all the help.
  7. Good day all This is my first post but I have read a lot on this forum but unfortunately the more I read the more confused I get. I would really like your expert advise on the following: I currently have a Xantrex GT5 (grid tie) inverter with 23x260w solar panels. I had this connected now for just over 3 years. Unfortunately this is not a load shedding solution and I am looking at adding the following: 1x SOL-I-AX-5K inverter I need to decide on 1 of the following two options: 4x 200ah Vision AGM batteries or 1x PylonTech 3.5kWh Battery If the 200ah AGM batteries are capable of sustaining a 2500va load for 3 hours (I know this is not actual figures, just using as an example) my question is : how much time will the PylonTech 3.5kWh Battery give with the same load ? Thank you for your advise.
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