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  1. If you're wanting to measure your whole homes consumption you should look at the Efergy energy meter although these are a fair bit more (R1000+) but they're easy to install and has quite a nice interface with reporting and logging.
  2. Ah ok with you now... Would you need a device that could manage those amps for what you're wanting to do though?
  3. I think a much more practical and probably easier way to do what you're wanting is to use a Sonoff POW and wire it inline with an extension lead that way you just plug one side of the lead into the wall socket and the other into the appliance / device you want to measure the load on.
  4. Wow great effort man I never would have thought about replacing with an ESP module, I suppose not an open heart surgery everyone would be comfortable with but definitely worth giving it a go if you have good soldering skills and can flash ESP modules, really like that the power monitoring works as well (and this module is rated to comfortably handle geyser loads)
  5. The Sonoff with external really is a good option and not too much of a hack to put together, did it for my geysers about a month ago and was very worthwhile has definitely made a difference with my consumption, all in I think it cost me about R475 per geyser.
  6. Nice thread, your usage is very low do you not have things like electric geysers, oven, pool pump etc?
  7. What do they cost? I think its unlikely that it works in Home Assistant would most probably only work with their app. Nothing comes up for Home Assistant CBI
  8. I'm also resurrecting this thread but not by 4 years I have / had mostly 12V downlights in my house and got tired of replacing transformers all the time some of which were in really difficult to reach places in my ceiling, I was also always under the assumption that they used a lot less power than standard light bulbs, boy was I wrong! I did a test a few months ago and flipped the switch to my entertainment area which has about 10 of these 12V downlights and was astonished to see that it drew 500w!! They're on a dimmer and draw came down to about 200W when they were dimmed (so perhaps di
  9. Was wondering when someone would post about the update Its awesome problem with the GX is its pretty slow and a little annoying that you have to rotate the screen to landscape and can only allow access from one device at a time. The new VRM portal gives you all of that info in a much cleaner look along with some additional fields which is great, also love how it now displays your production and consumption as well as the utility usage for the stipulated period. Wonder if they'll give the GX the same face lift
  10. Thanks for the pointers, My geysers and oven are connected through a Carlo Gavazzi energy meter so when mains fails power is cut to these devices anyway, I also have other automation's that detect mains failure and cut power to things like my pool pump, toasters, kettles etc... I've got it pretty streamlined to the point where if we have load shedding during the day my batteries usually charge up to 100% because the load is that low (around 260w) I actually end up manually just switching the pool back on, I also only start things like the pool pump if mains power is available, if it isn't it w
  11. Hi, Yes I'm using the exact same cable (gauge etc) as would be used from a DB board to Geyser between the relay and geyser, cable to and from the Sonoff is regular stranded electrical cable.
  12. I cant imagine that it would get very hot, its rated at 40A so its running well below its threshold, I'll let it run for an hour today and then go measure the temp with a probe, I have spare temperature sensors so if I feel ambitious I could wire one up to the GPIO pins on the Sonoff and monitor the temperature inside the box. This geyser is installed outdoors so it needs to be in an IP6X rated enclosure.
  13. Thanks for all the advice guys, version 2 is done, tested and working as it should just need to wire it in, was a pretty tight fit in the box
  14. Thanks @Bloubul7 I did think of doing it based on temp (and time) but to be honest if I stagger the geysers coming on I've got plenty of capacity to power them and in my setup I think temperature control will have only marginal savings so just not worth the extra effort and cost for me, my main goal is just to ensure the geysers aren't pulling max draw at 6:30am and smoking through Eskom power (and eating into my battery capacity in case we get load shedding). I have a lot of automation's based on temperature.
  15. Awesome thanks guys makes sense what you are saying, agree I don't need the Sonoff Pow for this application, I had them laying around but also have Sonoff basic so will rather use those.
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