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  1. @Tass99, did you read Youda's lab? There is a lot, and I mean a lot of info about that battery. All your questions are answered there.
  2. Ok, I misunderstood that because I read to quick often. Like this: But when you don't continue reading you miss the part: Anyway, did you ever found the cause of this:
  3. Not sure. Since @Wetkitassumes one should earth the negative side of the panels. I don't, never. But I do earth the panels framework and mounting rails etc. So if you don't earth the - PV the batteries are also not earthed via the mppt. Just my thoughts. Nice topic, thanks for bringing it up @Sammyigt.
  4. There are some more advantages for the 5K plus to add to Christo's list: Power AC out is 5kW but it can mix 2 more kW from the grid. That makes 7kW max. When solar reaches 5 kW to provide loads and the PV delivers more that can be sent to the batteries. With the enrgymeter connected in your DB it can also provide power to the loads on the grid side (AC in) without pushing back into the grid. Sure there is more to tell but now I'm not that fit so I'm going to sleep.
  5. Exactly. Why is that Henk? Now you have made an investment like this it seems like you forgot the panels. On the other hand these panels should be fine for your 4x4 (Which looks awesome btw!) so I go with @Louisvdw, this is overkill. And not only the MPPT.
  6. Well this seems a little over-complicated (for me). It was easier than that. Thanks for your quick reply @Ingo!
  7. Hi all, a while ago I have been pointed to a free windows app with which one can make nice drawings. Now I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Tnx in advance, want to rebuild my DB so would be very helpful.
  8. Well still there is no explanation why these panels give less. Are they shaded? Your SW aray gives more power than the NE, that's weird. How are they connected? 4s per array?
  9. So PROBLEM 1 - phase balancing concerns me. Why? Number 3) won't help improving this. If you mean using 2 phases from 3 then yes, why not. For all your other questions and remarks about unbalanced phases; I wouldn't bother to much. It is not your problem but you energy supplier's (Eskom?) . Everybody is taking from the three phases as they please and the end result will be a quite well balanced grid in most cases.
  10. Very impressive Mike! Thanks for sharing. Missed your build last year so I'm happy to read it now!
  11. Or when you want it less complicated you can give Hubitat a try. Very nice hub!
  12. Who is them? For reliable advice in Victron systems you can ask @plonksterto have a look at your list. @Jaco de Jonghalso can help you, I think he is installer as well.
  13. Hi Wozza, welcome to the forum! First of all you're measuring the battery capacity with the inverter. This is only a guestimate because all the inverter knows is the battery voltage. When you connect a load you will see a voltage sag and the inverter thinks the capacity drops that fast as well but it doesn't of course. If you want a good measurement of the SoC (State of Charge) I recommend to connect a Victron BMV to the battery. Now you know what the SoC is but the inverter still does not. By adding ICC to the system the SoC can be forwarded to the inverter as well so it (or ICC) makes better decisions.
  14. Richard what do you mean with that? Draw too much from the panels? Or maybe simply overload the inverter?
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