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  1. Thanks Coulomb, I thought that might be the link and presumably this will require the batteries to work harder in shifting power to where it’s needed most (charge / discharge more often or even continuously) thereby reducing the lifespan of them? Are Pylontech batteries then able to charge and discharge at the same time (charge from inverter with excess PV & discharge to load with insufficient PV)? Still have to work out if split phase parallel on just two of the three phases will work (is inverter clever enough to know there is a third phase and thus provide correct phase angle instead of working as if just two phases in total)
  2. Hi Steve, thanks for the reply! So if I understand you correctly a parallel 3 phase system (3 x single phase inverter capable of parallel 3 phase) will share whatever PV strings are providing power and likewise the battery bank (for anything on the battery back-up circuit). how does the PV get distributed across the three phases?
  3. Thank you for the reply Plonkster! I think the second phase install and planned load split is still my best bet for a number of reasons but appreciate the knowledge that just 2-phase parallel split is possible depending on inverter. Any info on my second question I.e. what does a split phase parallel actually do / mean?
  4. Most online at R21k. So +-5% discount and reputable store (not ever sure about who to trust) was more my point... but I’m also gonna give Jaco a shout as he seems to be the go to guy on this forum
  5. Hi all, I recently had my installation done. After lots of researching and many questions I settled on 4 x 2.4kWh US2000’s with vertical cabinets, 12 x JA solar 410w mono’s & a 5kW Deye hybrid. Off the bat I must say I’m incredibly pleased. Eskom reliability is no longer a concern and as all plugs and lights are now on my essential DB I don’t have to worry about damage to electronics etc. Batteries do a perfect handover to PV each morning at around 40 - 50% charge and are full again on surplus PV by around 11h45 I shopped around and used solar advice for hardware and a recommended installer. All in saved me a packet vs turn-key quotes I had received. Install is incredibly neat and both solar advice and the installers were very professional and helpful etc. At present my concerns are: 1. I generate around 20 - 24kW per day (theoretical) and am only using around 14kW Rest is going to waste which means no ROI for that. 2. I have 3 phase and have serious load imbalance now having done PV for just the one phase and having moved all plugs and lights + pool pump to said phase (2 x geysers + oven left for the other two phases) My proposed solution: 1. Move pool pump to second phase. 2. Install a 2nd Deye 5kW inverter in Parallel. 3. put one geyser on a phase selector switch (in winter it will be on this phase to balance load but also use excess PV and in summer heat pump for the pool will run so I’ll move geyser to 3rd phase purely on grid) With timers I am able to plan my geysers and pool pump / heat pump draws. None of these will be on battery back-up. My questions: 1. Can one do a split phase parallel with just two phases? 3rd remains fully grid supplied? 2. what does it actually mean to parallel? Do you share the PV array (thus better utilizing your generated PV and maintaining your peak PV array generation capacity which is really critical for running a heat pump or geyser and making full use of PV)? Do you share the battery bank (even though I don’t need to)? Do you also increase potential kW output even though on separate phases (5kW to 10kW maximum draw at any point)? Thanks, Michael
  6. I see solar advice is running a special. Have used them before and got excellent service. Also lots of good reviews on this site and helloPeter. Just South if R20k.
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