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  1. Hi, I have 5 new (still Boxed) Liitokala Engineer Lii-500 units for sale at @ R800 suitable for 3.7V Li-ion & 1.2V Ni-MH cylindrical rechargeable battery of size between: (diameter: 0-22mm, height: 34-70mm). LCD display,: show the voltage (V). Current (mA). Time (h). Capacity (mAh) Internal resistance (mR) , The units can charge and capacity check. I am based in Johannesburg (paulshof) so collections are preferable for confirmation of condition of units and all that nice stuff!
  2. Jaaks which one of the boxes are still available?
  3. Just a little update here. I got my Chinese BMS with a RS485/RS232/UART output and connecting that to the Goodwe battery BMS port the Goodwe has began taking a SOC reading from the BMS. The SOC charge "jumped" from 49% to 68% which was more representative of the powerwalls state.There is still the BMS communication Fail error. I will see if this baby step improves the way the Goodwe inverter and the DIY powerwall play together. I may have to do a bit more fiddling... Will check back in a few days....
  4. I am now sitting on the 20% reserve! The panels occasionally kick in and push some power but with this rain Eskom power has moved back into the house..... If Eskom does finally catch up with me and loadshed my area I will give the gennie a work out, she has been ready for months! she may also get a better muffler and sound box to keep the neighbours happy in the near future.
  5. @Bobster if you are looking to introduce the weekly and daily timer to your pool pump maybe consider get the low amp timers (they now have the touch screen type ones) and use that to activate a contactor that will and can manage the current surge and if your pool pump has a high initial startup current that would otherwise quickly burn out the timer.
  6. Shame! I see the geyser owning a shade at your expense... old blanket to tuck the tubes in for the duration, but that would be a sight for the neighbors to behold!
  7. unless you have a very specific need for configuring your pack to a very specific set of requirements, and have it "talk" to a clever inverter i would throw a Chinese BMS at the problem. run Buy 2 and have a spare just in case. I have read of any of the BMSes dying in a connected mode and letting the battery runaway from you. I have seen then just die and stop operating as the default. you then can get a bluetooth app for some of them that you can do some rudimentary settings (max and min cult-off voltages, parallel pack voltages setting) and monitoring. I have one BMS on my power-wall, the packs were built fairly well balanced (I used Repakr ) but I do check my packs twice a day everyday and they have behaved so far. The BMS does get a fair work out top balancing my packs if the packs have been through a few days where I have thrashed them, then they do begin to drift apart and the BMS has to even it all out for me. If Chinese isn't for you then the Batrium a excellent option and I have it on my wish list! I am hoping Santa decides I have been a good boy and lets me buy it for myself... @Seant had a Batrium installed on his power-wall and was very pleased with its performance .
  8. if you are leaving the house unoccupied then I have found having the circulation pump run for a few hours in the night (I personal have mine run 2am-5am) cools off the water in the tank. it then runs its normal heating cycle during the day.
  9. I tried a local supplier early on and was massively disappointed as the items were fakes and died within days. I bought mine from china and have no complaints, the 4 units have tested just over 4500 cells between them. They are now showing their age, buttons not responding, afew bays are temperamental!! I have ordered new ones from China again and if the post office staff don't liberate them from me prematurely I should have them some time in January 2020.
  10. Just a wee bit! I have a sweet19kWh powerwall up and running a small 3kWh power wall on the way for the other inverter. Don't tell the others (I am shooting for 50kWh), they think I am crazy by building a fireball in waiting!
  11. @San Chan, I would recommend you go ahead and buy something like the liitokala units to test your batteries. they will give you the Capacity, and internal resistance of your batteries.
  12. Hi Xinath, the Goodwe inverter has a feed-in side (non-essential loads that are not supplied if Eskom is gone) and a Backup side (essential side that continues being feed when you are load shed. From what you have described your sparkie has at best connected everything to the backup side of the inverter..... the inverter if it is the 5kW has a load capacity of 2.5kW on the back up side, so you would be pushing your inverter hard on the backup side to keep your house powered. If the load and backup are connected to the same load I would hope that the system trips otherwise you could be damaging your not so cheap inverter or worse feeding into the grid (the inverter should trip itself and go into a safety mode...) I see cleverer fellows than I have given several different options on spreading your load , I would only add maybe look at adding a solar water heating system. This can assist lighten the load on the inverter by doing most of the preheating of water during the day most days of the year and you just need to top up with PV/battery power on the really cold days. on my DB i have split it the circuits that keep the family essentials going (lights, security lights, TV, internet, fridge, microwave, garage door, alarm system and electricity fence) going. with this setup my battery bank can run through the night no issues.
  13. @Daranger did you ever come right with the Goodwe and "non intelligent SOC-wise" batteries? I have been running my 5086EM in the economical mode for about a month. I experienced the same issues where the inverter would report the SOC at 6-9% then jump straight 100% before it would the cycle until a large load would drain the battery and it start the whole sordid process again! Economical mode is working for now.... Maybe there is BMS or some clever SOC measuring and report device out there that would talk to the Goode inverter....


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