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  1. Let’s just say that the batteries haven’t don’t anything in the way of burning their fuses, pulling the packs out of balance or burn down the house in protest (knock on wood). the exercise of soldering the individual fuses still brings back flashes of hours spent bent over swearing at each cell and the accompanying fuse! when I win the lottery I will be buying the kweld to spot weld the fuses on....
  2. @DanieT I suspect that the nova blue batteries aren’t on the compatible list for the Goodwe (the list is very short unfortunately). If my assumption is correct then your installer left the system in the “best” working condition. the Goodwe plays nice with the battery when it can “talk” to it. In the general mode you will experience situations where the battery % will be very errantic and the inverter will for instance go from a 90% reading and drop vertically to 10% when discharging. You may see the same behavior when charging. my personal experience has been that to get round this p
  3. waving my hand(s) vigorously for the dishes if they are still available.....
  4. @Allsorts the Goodwe inverter does not mess around when it comes to limiting the output on the backup side of the inverter. If I remember my manual right there is a 10A limit and the 2.3kW limit to contend with. The backup side of the inverter I have found is happy on-grid and off-grid (load shedding) when I have kept my lights and bare essential plugs on it. This would be the fridge and freezer, TV and internet. anything else like the microwave and other general plugs just creates an unhappy inverter. the "heavy appliances I have left on the main circuit and the inverter happily feeds them p
  5. I have been asked how the battery pack has been behaving thus far and i think the only way to really show this is to share the inverter logs from Goodwe. I have shared from the 20th of this month the day after I put the system back online. Just a few notes to make; the house has been split into two main circuits (that job was a revelations of the rat's nest of wiring I had in the ceiling and original DB) with two independent inverters. This DIY battery pack supports 50% of the house and all the security and perimeter lights the second inverter supports the living space and kitchen, that one I
  6. I have actually done the cost on the project and let's just say that it isnt cheap.... Let's Assume an R450/hr labor rate Shelling the laptop batteries and cleaning the 18650s 14hrs (here I assumed that even the low capacity cells were going into a low capacity powerwall eventually) = R6,300 Capacity testing (just the loading and unloading into the testers and labelling 1 min a cell - actually timed this...) 18hrs =R8,100 Soldering batteries packs 28hrs =R12,600 Cost of 18650s @R5 No 4480 = R22,400 Miscellaneous (welding cable, soldering guns, solder, fuses, 186
  7. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I will definitely go and whine and complain there.
  8. @Louisvdwnow that I have you on the line, the app has a limit on the Ah that the battery can be..... my little battery Has put on a little weight and now has a theoretical Ah of just over 9400Ah. Any chance that your next update to the software would accommodate us outliers? Pretty please!
  9. Hen’s teeth and honest government will come first I fear! But I live in eternal hope that you will see the error of your blue ways and come over to the yellow side (drivers, cables and battery bits in hand) amen!
  10. @Louisvdw you are swearing at me “upgrade to the blue yonder” ! I am a yellow line “Goodwe” man! You would have my lifelong gratitude if you wrote a driver for the goodwe..... be a good sport and write the code for the Goodwe. i cannot be the difficult really, a line of code here a little grey hair there......
  11. @Louisvdw I did change the BMS (same manufacturer, upped the max current added the Bluetooth module). The BMS is from China so I would say no your work being “borrowed” without permission! the battery has taken some time to build...about 18months. The battery is actually 4no. 80P 14S each built And commissioned to the same Goodwe inverter separately with the end goal of shoving it all Into the server cabinet.
  12. Well it has been a week of slow progress but finally the beast is back online. We have Gotten so intimate that I had to name it! Stima it is, 320P 14S 18650 pack with an average Individual cell capacity of just over 2000mAh. i am done with this battery and will be turning my attention to the other inverter.
  13. I little progress has been made with painting the battery racking system. As usual the word over done comes to mind; I went to town with applying undercoat paint to the steel which was wiring brushed, then acid cleaned and finally the grinding disc was used. with the undercoat done another 2 coats of brilliant white (door frame paint) was used. Why the undercoat and door frame paint I hear you ask! Well because both tins have been sitting in my garage for nearly 2 years and surprising seem to be in okay condition. tomorrow I will throw on another coat just to polish of the paint
  14. @RikH thanks, the build has definitely been a great deal of fun. I look back at what was a battery to extend the UPS on the computer, then after watch a zillion youtube videos then thinking to myself I will build just a small 24V system to keep the gate and alarm system powered... well I am now at a 48V system and asking myself if I shouldn't just build a battery shed to fit a small 100kWh battery, cover the entire roof in solar panels...... just a few mods that the wife will not notice!
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