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  1. As noted by others this might only apply if you choose to feed back to the grid. Also as mentioned feeding back in terms of "selling" to the municipality seldome makes financial sense. I think you can basically differentiate 3 types of installs/applications 1) the eskom grid part of your home and the solar part of your home are in some way connected (even if technically "separated" by a transfer switch) - and you want to sell back excess power to the municipality. = most complicated process and one that requires approved inverters, fancy electricity meters etc. (that get installed
  2. Definitely and absolutely no apology needed. (hope my post/s did not imply any nuisance value of your questions). Thanks for reporting back - I will guarantee you that you are not the first and definitely not the last person to go through this but at least your posts will help someone else to track down their problem
  3. Road trip! Best I can do to almost head back on topic...
  4. Suspect lowering convective heat loss is a big contributor of the blankets (blowing on your tea to cool it down vs covering the cup with the saucer and then blowing). In summer it is almost too effective - pool water at > 30 degree C not much of a way to cool down
  5. find this very useful at times https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf
  6. ... ... I too tilt at windmills
  7. the difference between the german sounding pianos and the wannabes being that anything played in the key of G having a slightly guttural quality to it...
  8. I have a 45 000 liter pool. On roughly 80% of the surface my double garage roof I have (now bypassed) some of these solar "mats" (multiple rows of little black pipes) that are warmed by the sun before the water returns to the pool. I have found a bubble pool cover way more effective at raising the pool temperature. Another major benefit is that I have not used tap water in over three years to top up my pool (do at times add a bit from rain water harvested from the roof) - the cover also helps a bit to keep leaves and crap out of the pool. Just get a cover with a roll up station other wise open
  9. unless really wanting all that the sonoffs etc. offer a basic watt/power meter like this could be much simpler to check most plug-in loads...
  10. https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/2556-GX_Device_Manual_Venus_GX/en/dvcc---distributed-voltage-and-current-control.html
  11. @Dirkie Crous, curious whether you managed to track down whatever keeps the meter counting?
  12. out of interest and possible completeness for anyone with a more useful contribution that stumbles on this, @Ingo is your system: ESS consisting of Quattro + Venus GX + Battery + 1 wired temp sensor connected to Quattro + 1 wired temp sensor connected to Venus GX and then also try to add VE.Bus dongle ? Is this on a (Bluenova?) LiFePO4 battery with comms? If so, why the two external temp sensors even before the VE.Bus dongle is added - does the BMS not provide voltage and temp info to the Venus GX? I am curious about the potential role and conflicts of an ESS system with BMS provided
  13. I would wonder about your general warm water use patterns. Bath vs shower, duration, frequency, etc. (6 x full, hot baths 6AM-7AM will take some heating where solar benefit could be diminished). Parents/you/teens mostly home during day (assuming non enforced Covid changes)? The bulk electricity use during the day will be oddish (barring the pool pump) if no one is home during the day. Still coming out of winter... electric heaters on big part of the day? Parents making tea often (boiling a full 2L kettle multiple a times to make 1 cup)? Check pool pump flow rate spec and p
  14. Maybe not a bad idea. Like I said, Murphy knows where I live, so I err on the side of caution..... same reason a MTB with only half a fork makes me nervous the sonoff people also try quite hard with the basic R3 to ensure that you must be really motivated to tinker with it with that double decker PCB setup..
  15. Not necessarily faults. Actually occured to me that the most likely source of that idle consumption could be the fan/s, but I must say I doubt I would notice a 0.5kWh increase in daily electricity consumption! Hopefully some of the members with kodaks, axperts etc. will have more clarity on the frequency of the fan coming on. (also have a look through the forum for topics like Axpert inverter settings, Axpert and Pylontech etc. to get a comparison of what kind of settings/options there are and how that compares to this particular install) slightly off-topic, but I suggest familiaris
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