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  1. Soooo whats the latest version, patch, BMS version, etc everyone is on? What has been fixed? What is still an issue? This side my biggest issue is still the losing of data every once in a while. So no dataflow and datapoints on the app and website. Just fixes itself eventually hours later or unplug en reinsert the wifi dongle would help. Still also running in USE mode. I gave up on the Li mode
  2. Thanks, that's much cheaper than the mantech ones. See they don't have stock in CPT, but will see if I can order with delivery online. Any chance you have a schematic of wiring this up to a pool pump/geyser with a sonoff basic?
  3. Yeah, already have HA running so don't want to bother with something not compatible. Happy with the Sonoff and relay route.
  4. Hi All I need some guidance please. I see guys making use of relays/contactors when setting up their geysers and pool pumps to make use of smart switches(Sonoff, etc). What does one need to look for when buying these? Would the below work for geyser/pool pump? 40A geyser(3kw soon to be 2kw) and 20/30A for pool pump(0.75kw)? https://www.mantech.co.za/ProductInfo.aspx?Item=99M500893 https://www.mantech.co.za/ProductInfo.aspx?Item=14M0935 https://mantech.co.za/ProductInfo.aspx?Item=14M3872 and then these 2 which also differ from one another... https://ma
  5. Hi Mine went into that state due to a bricked COM board after applying a FW update supplied by Mahone. They sent me a new COM board, but the inverter was eventually replaced by the supplier after weeks of troubleshooting with Mahone and getting nowhere.
  6. Well thats a good start already Yup happens to me every now and then as well. I have just accepted that fact that I need to remove the dongle, leave it for a minute and put it back and all is working fine again.
  7. Thats great news. Does he understand english and the issue with the firmware?
  8. Nice, can you confirm which firmware it is that you are running now? which version was supplied to fix it?
  9. Would also like to know this. Currently have a 3kw element and this is on the grid. Do have spare capacity so thinking of going this route as well and installing a 1,5kw or 1kw element with a breaker on the inverter circuit for utilizing the spare solar power.
  10. storage<date today yyyymmdd> like storage20200914 or inverter20200914 or on the newer ones growatt20200914
  11. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Oh ok. That's the one you also mentioned earlier in this thread. Thought it might have been another newer one.
  12. When is your geyser going on? What size element?
  13. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Oh no Mind sharing the bin file name for the update they sent you?
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