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  1. Would also like to know this. Currently have a 3kw element and this is on the grid. Do have spare capacity so thinking of going this route as well and installing a 1,5kw or 1kw element with a breaker on the inverter circuit for utilizing the spare solar power.
  2. storage<date today yyyymmdd> like storage20200914 or inverter20200914 or on the newer ones growatt20200914
  3. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Oh ok. That's the one you also mentioned earlier in this thread. Thought it might have been another newer one.
  4. When is your geyser going on? What size element?
  5. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Oh no Mind sharing the bin file name for the update they sent you?
  6. To add to this. Would this be sufficient protection, or would a normal fuse then be a safer option? https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/frontpage/products/1p-dc250v-125a-dc-circuit-breaker or go double and go the Keto route?
  7. I am fairly sure that even on US2 mode this dropping of PV also occurs once you reach the float voltage. I have seen it happen once since running on US2 mode, but sure I will be able to confirm it soon once the sunnier days return in CPT.
  8. That then makes it 100% clear, thanks @plonkster. So in terms of legality and issuing of CoC on such a system, this SHOULD have been in place. Will do some further reading on SANS -10142-1 on what else "should" have been in place. Next step is decide on and source 125A fuse + holder or go the Keto route. Thanks again
  9. Thanks and agreed 100%, but again my question is more directed to the legality of an install. Specifically how complete the install is as supplied by the installer. If the cable melts and burns down the house, will the insurance say, no game, you didn't have your fuse installed as determined by the regulations. If a fuse is all it takes, then just install a mega fuse and holder for instance. Btw this is for 3x 2.4 Dyness and would be looking at 125A fuse. That or the Keto with 125A.
  10. So just for clarity on this. With the Lithiums out there (Pylon/Dyness) which have their own switches and also BMS to handle any surge issues. Does one still need, by regulations, a battery disconnect and fuse? Agreed it is good practice, BUT is it law in terms of SANS and Insurance?
  11. Yip, same here. Its an on off situation. Today they dont understand, but tomorrow we try again and then he gets what I am saying, disappears for a day or 3 and then comes back with a semi answer!
  12. There was another forum member @willietes, who was working with Growatt to resolve the FW issues, but havent heard anything from him since posting that he had the FW and testing it. This is also why I am saying that we should be hounding Growatt/Mahone with emails indicating the issues we are seeing.
  13. Interesting stuff @Zimnismoboy34 I also got the lastest major FW update (500.08) and a BMS update, but in my case it started that solar on and off cycle on 91%! Was cycling solar on at 90% SOC and off again a few seconds later at 91% SOC...then on again at 90%....crazy! Usually would happen at 100% then down to 95%. Still also the issue where I am still losing datapoints for hours. Again in the same time where this solar on and off cycle is happing. THis is on the SPF5000TL HVM
  14. Thanks and understood. I have the same setup. Will give it a go. So far its still performing OK.
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