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  1. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    @Mahen : Interesting on the time thing. I would again suggest logging this with Growatt so that they can become aware and maybe someone with some savvy hears this and decides to sort it out. I actually had the same the other day, everything looked fine on the dongle, correct blue flashing sequence and same story, no data. After the 5th unplug and replug it started working and continued working. The previous ones would give 1 or 2 datapoints and then stop again. Could you maybe share how you connected to the ad-hoc wifi to check these times?
  2. Reviving this old thread. What are you guys using to clean your panels. I'm sure just water wont remove everything. Like with windows, rain gives them a flush, but doesn't clean them 100%. Mine is in such a position that I can access them by standing on a ladder, but will need something a bit longer than the normal mop length. Something like this maybe, just longer handle? Or like a squeegee you would use on windows, again just something with a 2m handle?
  3. Any suggestions on where to start looking at BTC/Altcoin mining as you do using your excess solar? I take it you run it on some dedicated machine?
  4. @WilcoThanks so much. Will keep it in mind.
  5. Wow this is an unfortunate situation, but finding a trustworthy installer who abides by all the rules at the right price is a nightmare. I used an installer who was/is still? a respected/suggested member here and although a great guy and have "resolved" all the issues I have noted, I feel this is not my job to inspect the install and get a degree in the regulations and SANS docs just to make sure everything was done correctly. Some things that were surprising: 1) No DC isolator on batteries. This was resolved. The actual switches on the batteries would have been sufficient appar
  6. Excellent, that's what I understood from Vassen's explanation on the coil and contacts, but just wanted to be 100% sure.
  7. Thanks @Vassen Thanks for the explanation and clarification. Yes, as indicated that connection from Sonoff to COM at #2 in my diagram can be ignored. I will take the L from the Pump CB to feed the contact. Please just clarify which is the correct way around. OR 220v L to COM or to NO?
  8. @Vassen Sorry, will try and clarify my understanding here. Current setup below. Please ignore the colours, my blue pen decided to die halfway. Also note I didn't draw in all the Neutrals, grounds, etc. These will remain as is. Main focus here is from the Pump CB to the Timer and then to the Pool Pump itself. Proposed future setup with Sonoff and Relay: So L from the Pump CB will now go to the Sonoff L and N from N Bar to N of Sonoff. Now the main question at #1 (in yellow) above is what is the polarity of the pins on the Relay where you indicated I shou
  9. Hi Joe That was still in the days of believing it can run successfully in Li mode. I can't even remember what the last straw for me was, but I just went back to USE mode and haven't touched Li mode again. I know I will regret it, but have started asking around again if there is any updated firmware out( Q4 2020+ ) for the SPF5000TL yet and if anyone is running it without any issues. What issues are you having in USE mode?
  10. Thanks again for this. I would just like to confirm the following: I should be able to take the input to the current timer and route it to the Sonoff and then from the sonoff to the terminals as indicated above on the relay? What is the polarity of the terminals on the relay or does it not matter? I can then take the output of the current timer to the COM and then the NO connected to the pump live. Will just check what the routing of Neutral is.
  11. Hi, can you maybe elaborate on this? Power down the inverter? Process? or inverter + batteries? Process? It then keeps the settings? TIA
  12. Soooo whats the latest version, patch, BMS version, etc everyone is on? What has been fixed? What is still an issue? This side my biggest issue is still the losing of data every once in a while. So no dataflow and datapoints on the app and website. Just fixes itself eventually hours later or unplug en reinsert the wifi dongle would help. Still also running in USE mode. I gave up on the Li mode
  13. Thanks, that's much cheaper than the mantech ones. See they don't have stock in CPT, but will see if I can order with delivery online. Any chance you have a schematic of wiring this up to a pool pump/geyser with a sonoff basic?
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