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  1. Answered my own stupid question, single circuit so all those neutrals are tied together, so they need to stay that way. Went for a bit smaller terminal block and put 2 into each side and a 3rd on one side going to the sonoff. Was able to get the sonoff "fairly" flush inside the cavity.
  2. Tsa

    Growatt and MQTT

    Just bumping this one again..
  3. Another question, all those neutrals (4) should typically all be tied together, so technically I can just take one to the sonoff and then try and hide the rest somewhere in the switch cavity? Its a mission to try and maneuver the sonoff into that cavity with the bulky terminal block at the back of it. Also a very tight squeeze when fastning the screws. So would rather get a smaller terminal block (current one is marked for 16mm) and then just run one of the neutrals to the sonoff. Thoughts? Any ideas on filling the gaps left between the old switch plate and the new "smaller" sonnof cover?
  4. Just check again, the V500.07 which is mentioned in this topic is for Growatt in general and will help with BMS issues. The firmware which is still being developed was specific to issues with Dyness compatibility. So would again suggest they start with v500.07 as a minimum.
  5. Hi @francois I was experiencing these trips, but have since just moved to USE mode. Apparently the issue has been resolved in a new firmware update which is being tested and should be released in the next few weeks. I would suggest them to upgrade to the firmware listed in this thread (v500.07) as a start and see if it helps. The new firmware to be released was specific to Growatt and Dyness batteries.
  6. Hi Guys What is typically the wiring sizes used in house wiring and DB wiring? 1) The size of wiring used in light and plug fittings 2) The size of the wiring used in DB for stuff like geyser and oven. 3) What is the best way to bridge wiring on DB circuit breakers when using the thick wiring (geyser/oven) when you need two of the thick wires into one CB or even busbar+thick wire? Best practice, what is safe and what not, etc. Is there a limit (regulations) on how much stripped wire can stick out above the CB, etc. Just need to confirm based on what I have seen in my DB.
  7. With 4 "neutral" black wires coming in there. 1)Is there any way to test if they are indeed neutral? 2) How would one wire this to a Sonoff Touch? From what I can see the 2 red wires twisted together at the bottom that go straight through the switch, would be L(in), the black (Nin) and then the 2 top red wires would go to the loads (L1 and L2)? Now with the fact that there are 4xBlack and 2x Live, do you put all 4xBlack to Nin on the Sonoff and all 2xLive to Lin or only one of each? (what happens to the rest?) 3) What should you do with the ground?
  8. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    @willietes Out of interest, post the new FW, does the BOF setting stop the buttons from beeping when you press them now? I am sure I could silence them with that setting in my original FW, but Mahone thinks I'm crazy.
  9. Can also echo this. My dealings with Andy have only been positive.
  10. From what I can see Luxpower is supported by Aspergo. They are also the importers of Dyness batteries into SA and have dealth with Andy the owner and has been very helpful in doing upgrades to my batteries when we had issues. If my Growatt ever blows its last smoke I will definitely consider Aspergo's offerings. www.aspergo.co.za (currently busy with website update, maybe try a bit later today)
  11. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Thanks is great news! Thanks for the update.
  12. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Yip same here. After the last round of trips, I changed to US2 as well and havent had a trip of missing data for the last 2 weeks since doing that. Have you been able to see what in the firmware is causing the trips/missing data issue? Loss of comms? Anything related to the auto discharge cycle? While you at it, sommer update the FW so is also gets the SOH and cycles of each battery
  13. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    Nice! That is awesome news! Thanks for your involvement! Do you think this could also relate to the tripping/reset issues we have been seeing?
  14. When running from batteries, would it be normal for the lights to flick for a millisecond when a microwave starts(1kw) or the fridge motor kicks in(1A)? Don't see it happening when on grid power, only on batteries. Overall load at that stage is 200W - 400W max prior to appliance coming on.


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