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  1. Good to hear, wondering if anyone has experienced the same with an update on the SPF5000 yet?
  2. Thanks again Vassen. Yes Main breaker is 60A. Also there is a EL/RCD, but doesn't look like the Oven and Geyser are on it. These 2 are fed directly from main. The rest of the circuits are through the EL/RCD and the EL is fed with the output from the inverter.
  3. Here is a basic layout. Main supply comes in from the MCB(60a) goes to the input of the oven CB and with a busbar splits to the geyser CB. So the question basically is if the feed from MCB to oven CB needs to be 16mm2(7-8mm wire) or if the 10mm2 (5-6mm wire) is sufficient.
  4. OK, another random question. Your feed out of your main circuit breaker feeding your downstream CBs like Oven and Geyser etc, does this need to be 16mm2(OD +- 7-8mm) feeding into the oven CB if the highest downstream CB is 40A(also being the oven CB, eventhough it wont even reach 20A for the oven element)? In my case I have the MainCB feeding the Oven CB and also busbar split feed to the Geyser (20A) CB next to it. Fitting 16mm and a busbar into the CB input is near impossible! 10mm2 (OD +- 5-6mm) should be more than sufficient in this case?
  5. No worries, please ignore. I see it's called a busbar as well. Did some further searching
  6. @Richard Mackay and @GerhardK83 what is the correct name for the solid copper link if one needs to search for it online and as with the wiring, do these also have different ratings? Thanks
  7. Tsa

    Growatt Data Missing

    @Mahen : Interesting on the time thing. I would again suggest logging this with Growatt so that they can become aware and maybe someone with some savvy hears this and decides to sort it out. I actually had the same the other day, everything looked fine on the dongle, correct blue flashing sequence and same story, no data. After the 5th unplug and replug it started working and continued working. The previous ones would give 1 or 2 datapoints and then stop again. Could you maybe share how you connected to the ad-hoc wifi to check these times?
  8. Reviving this old thread. What are you guys using to clean your panels. I'm sure just water wont remove everything. Like with windows, rain gives them a flush, but doesn't clean them 100%. Mine is in such a position that I can access them by standing on a ladder, but will need something a bit longer than the normal mop length. Something like this maybe, just longer handle? Or like a squeegee you would use on windows, again just something with a 2m handle?
  9. Any suggestions on where to start looking at BTC/Altcoin mining as you do using your excess solar? I take it you run it on some dedicated machine?
  10. @WilcoThanks so much. Will keep it in mind.
  11. Wow this is an unfortunate situation, but finding a trustworthy installer who abides by all the rules at the right price is a nightmare. I used an installer who was/is still? a respected/suggested member here and although a great guy and have "resolved" all the issues I have noted, I feel this is not my job to inspect the install and get a degree in the regulations and SANS docs just to make sure everything was done correctly. Some things that were surprising: 1) No DC isolator on batteries. This was resolved. The actual switches on the batteries would have been sufficient apparently. 2) No earthing on batteries. Apparently not an issue in such a small install (3 x 2,4kw Dyness) 3) No earthing/grounding of panels. After inquiring I was told that it can be done, but likely to give me false trips and hassles. Also that when going to SunSynk for instance you actually shouldn't earth the PV. Didn't make sense to me at all, but just didn't want to say OK go ahead and then any issue after that is my problem because I requested it. So no grounding of the panels. I am getting someone else to just come and review the system and fix the issues. 4) PV cables not in conduit. I am still trying to get a clear indication on the regulations on this. Seems it could be related to distances, but not 100% sure yet. 5) Inverter gave many issues and after a lot of troubleshooting with the manufacturer I engaged the installer & importer and although the inverter was replaced without any issues by the importer I did learn that #1 there is no option of getting refunded for the inverter and going for another brand #2 any issues with the inverter would be between myself and the importer and that would include costs for shipping the inverter back to the importer! These issues were within 6 months of install, so not even a year+ we talking about. One always now wonders what else is there that I am not even aware of and that's where you start losing trust in the system/industry.
  12. Excellent, that's what I understood from Vassen's explanation on the coil and contacts, but just wanted to be 100% sure.
  13. Thanks @Vassen Thanks for the explanation and clarification. Yes, as indicated that connection from Sonoff to COM at #2 in my diagram can be ignored. I will take the L from the Pump CB to feed the contact. Please just clarify which is the correct way around. OR 220v L to COM or to NO?
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