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  1. Anyone know if software like BatteryView is available for Dyness batteries, or any other way of checking cells and overall SOH?
  2. But does it come from the BMS or is it just hardcoded as part of the Growatt L02 profile? L01 for instance sets this at 54V and Growatt confirmed that this is the profile for Dyness. 54V being the upper limit in the 52.5V - 54V range for Dyness as per battery B4850 specs.
  3. OK, so I have read through most of this and still not sure. Can someone please try and explain it using crayons. So running panels with 2kw capacity, Growatt SPF 5kv hybrid and 2x 2.4kw Lithium batteries. All loads via inverter, excluding stove & geyser. Grid input only used to charge batteries when PV not available. So as long as the charge current to batteries is capped at 15A this should be fine as an off-grid system?
  4. Excellent thread with some great info! Thanks guys!
  5. Agreed, interesting though is that when you set the Batt Type to Lithium on Growatt inverter and select L01 profile it then sets Bulk & Float to 54V. I was informed by Growatt that L01 is the profile for Dyness and L02 we know is for Pylontech from what others have posted on the forum. However when you do this method you are actually making use of that expensive BMS one paid for with the battery and would hope that it is the better option.
  6. Thanks, actually saw in the manual it indicates Charge Voltage as 52.5 - 54 V
  7. Yip, we are on the same page here For now I am running with it as is, until someone can supply more accurate\verified information.
  8. Anyone know the correct\best settings for the Dyness B4850 2.4kwh batteries for Bulk and Float voltages? I see a lot of data on the Pylons, but havent seen a spec sheet detailing these 2 settings yet. OR just not looking where I should. TIA
  9. @ConradDeWet How are things running so far your side? Have you seen any discrepancies between SOC of the batteries in the APP\Web vs what is physically displayed on the batteries? What I am seeing my side is for instance in the morning after running from batteries all night my App\Web would indicate SOC at 75% or 50% for instance. However when checking on the batteries themselves, I can see that only the last led is still green on both batteries(meaning less than 25% capacity and what I am expecting). Late morning\noon I get the reverse. The PV has fully charged the batteries. All lights are green (full) and even the red ALM flashes, which I understood indicates overcharging and is its internal protection. However App\Web still shows 50/75% SOC and charging (holding on to the PV), which at that stage has dropped from 1800W+ generation to <50W generation and indicating as "charging" the batteries. Meanwhile grid still supplies the load of the house! Only way to resolve this is to shut off PV, kill grid and let the batteries take over the load. Within minutes the red led alarms clear on the batteries, app\web shows 100%. Switch on PV and grid again and PV immediately takes over the load again producing its 1800W+. All normal from there until the next morning again.
  10. Thanks, have seen mention of ICC here before. Will do some further reading.
  11. Hmmm, please tell me more. Any docs\url available that details this process and what one can gain from doing this? Thanks
  12. Thanks! Had a long chat with Dan last night as well and he took me through the whole process and we were all systems green in about 30mins! Excellent service and remote support. We setup my settings the same as you mention above. My system was setup correctly (except for the above 3) , it was then just stuck on Error 08, which needed to be cleared and then the batteries needed to balance themselves after some draining 1st.
  13. Same here..Running 2x Dyness 2.4 Lithiumion
  14. Would also like to know the correct config for these 2. Did you get any further?
  15. Thanks and should be useful to others using PylonTech. Any idea if the same would apply to Dyness batteries? Getting issue with new install that runs fine from PV, but as soon as supply switched to Batt, Red ALM LED lights on Batteries and Growatt inverter goes Error 08 (Bus voltage high) within seconds.


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