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  1. Used solar advice for my panels.was helped by David brown yes David brown sounds sketchy I know but very cool guy very helpful. Have them on my trusted shop list, So is Andy over at apergo energy kzn (importer of the dyness range of batteries) very good pricing with door to door delivery. Get a quote from Andy for the batteries
  2. Any news or updates? Intrested to know who covers damage, or warranty if applicable
  3. Try Andy @Aspergo energy.co.za far as I'm aware he's is the importer for dyness SA, how old is battery? How many cycles? Is a warranty claim not applicable?
  4. Would be interested to find out what the Dyness batteries look like inside and how they stack up against tge pylons. Seeing as the Dyness guys are guys who used to be ex pylon guys.
  5. They have a walk in store as well forgot to mention.
  6. Try a place called electromann.co.za, saw the 18650 and 21700 holders there a few months ago
  7. Try Rand bolt and tool located in Florida Roodepoort. Maybe they can help
  8. Why not try the sonoff between pump and mains?? If I understand correctly power is not directly from the pump but rather split before the pump??? So place sonnoff on wires leading from mains to pump. Does that even make sense??
  9. A few small scale solutions maybe worth a look, but no entertainment eg tv and so on but atleast a few lights and a charger for phone. Built in battery protection and changeable batterys found in most hardware stores. Personal experience with the cheapy GD light kit with 3 bulbs main spot and charger= only used it as a spot in an area I didn't want to go thru the hassel of running cable and light fitting. On main spot beam the light would be on and super bright for about 2 and a half hours then fade off and die in 4 to 5 hours, wouldn't fully charge battery on cloudy days but this was a c
  10. Still waiting on a quote from solarway for the 390 Jas. Mailed and called and months later still no quote. Took my money elsewhere (Solar advice) Collected my panels days later
  11. Gelo

    Mixing panels

    Hi whos got the specials on the JA's?. I have been searching high and low for 390 monos with no luck
  12. Is the diy route feasible tho? When taking to account the cost of ready to go out the box lithiums eg pylons,dyness ect? Would you mind sharing the cost on a diy setup @ebrsa. I also suffer from tinker finger syndrome but worry a diy setup is way out of my technical league.
  13. Agree with the guys above regarding DIY, but buying ready made just seems easier and quicker and looking at prices you quoted not far off from the diy route. Have a look at the pylons and dyness range from solar advice.
  14. Not sure if it would work but this came to mind as apposed to a sealer maybe with some household silicone? Or nut and bolt?. Easy on easy off incase you need to change panels
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