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  1. No no no no..... your panels are definitely suffering from that underperformance bug I read about that was part of a bad batch. Start taking them off load them up (I will supply bakkie) forget the supplier/installer hes full of balls anyway. Come help me install on my roof and proper test for around 15 to 20 years I will give a proper diagnosis by then. Jokes aside you can have 40kw on the roof and if your load is 10watts thats what you will be supplied from Pv. As the guys stated give the panels work to do it give them a load to work with put on appliances during the day to t
  2. Hi Francois, installed a TH16 for the pool after reading your post. But a little confused as to how you mounted or placed your temp sensor, would you mind sharing a pic? Thanks
  3. Hi, benefits?? Besides the obvious not having to worry about loadshedding,daytime loads taken care of by panels eg lights,fridges,tvs,pool, all running off PV. And having access PV supply non essential loads also eg stove,geyser. Soooooooo I'm literally waiting for my utility bill this month to see if it was all worthwhile. Fingers Check out power store and aspergo energy for pricing. Mine was purchased a few months ago and pricing has changed significantly since then(rand/dollar exchange)
  4. Very interesting indeed..... so the world isn't all blue............ there's a silver lining
  5. Power store has luxpower inverters??? Since when?
  6. Hi Tsa So under my settings menu>discharge settings sub menu, I have the option of a forced discharge together with the option to set force discharge and on grid discharge SOC. you have 3 force discharge time settings available where you set the times. I believe it is achievable, Still new to playing around with the pv connected will update again wen i get a chance to play with the setting.
  7. Panel pictures, slight overhang of about 150mm on the bottom. Lack of roof space 3.8m high and 5.9m wide. Considering adding another x2 390 monos to make it a total of 10.
  8. Thanks long hard road to get here,no joke when the guys say don't look down the rabbit hole
  9. Attached picture of luxpower blending PV and AC.
  10. Free electricity at last!!!! What a feeling . Finally got my panels up today after the heavy wind conditions stopped install in its tracks last Friday, 8x 490 Ja solar monos with help from Stephen @infrasolar (Panel install and wiring,protection) and as always Andy @Aspergo energy on the line to assist with remote configuration and advice. Incredible feeling free loading off the sun. Below is a picture of system system running with pool pump and house load.
  11. Any thoughts on the attached setup??? Did the OP ever find a cost effective solution? https://m.takealot.com/portable-inverter-power-station-with-100a-h-lithium-ion-battery/PLID69402439
  12. Same setup as above just a tad cheaper from Takealot. The gurus will have to advise if this can be hooked up to the DB to supply loads, my 2c worth...... not worth it as its a complete unit consisting of battery and inverter unit in one sealed unit. My thinking is when battery packs up or inverter packs up or charger or mppt? what do you do? Dump the whole unit??? this unit Vs an inverter separate battery bank setup where atleast if one or the other packs up you can replace damaged unit as apposed to another 15k for another unit
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