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  1. Quick update, order placed Tuesday afternoon (may 19)and delivered this morning Thursday(may 21), super quick delivery from Aspergo crew. Durban to Jhb overnight. Many thanks again to Andy @Aspergo
  2. I can attest to be above by (Tsa), after numerous back and forth mails and watsapp messages (some late evening)with Andy the owner of aspergo energy. I'm pretty confident in he's company and product offerings. I initially just to wanted to buy lithium batteries from aspergo and ended up buying batteries and the luxpower inverter from a guy (Andy) who took the better half of an hour to video call me to show me the products I enquired about, he unboxed and fully connected ,set inverter up with batteries adjust dip switches and all of that (I'm clueless on this), took the time to explain and advise on product and limitations, pros and cons you name it,packaged it all back up and ready to ship. All of this done before I even paid a cent to this man,that is service on another level and a business I will gladly support again and again Order placed and paid for currently waiting on delivery. Will advise again when I'm up and running.
  3. Thanks for the feedback,research implies that this brand is huge in the UK and growing. Granted the UK isn't the SA, but the monitoring software looks very user friendly and the fact that it does remote monitoring and maintenance via app and pc is amazing. Pitty not many locals have experience with it would have liked to hear from them before pulling the trigger on one
  4. Somebody??? Anybody????? Nobody????
  5. Hi all Quick one has anybody had any experience with the luxpower products specifically the 5kw hybrid, I'm looking to purchase one and would appreciate any feedback from installers,users/owners. Product marketed as a hybrid in inverter that is able to blend from all 3 sources PV,Battery and grid. Specs attached Thanks
  6. Hi all New to the forum, after months of research I have decided to take the leap and join the solar community. What Initially started as looking for a backup for eksdom and loadshedding has gone full circle. I now find myself looking to join the independent self consumption community. The system I have in mind consisting of the following: 1. Luxpower 5kva hybrid inverter Relatively new comer to the industry or rather atleast to me? 2. Dyness 3.55kwh modules x 2 3. Canadian 410w/405w Pv modules x 8 Approximately 3.2kwh The idea is to start with the lux inverter and battery backup and later add pv modules, am I on the right track?? Current consumption is around 24 to 26kw daily and 440to 460kw monthly. Wishing to power essentials lights,tv,dstv,fridge. Also looking for installer in the strubensvalley area. Thanks in advance


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