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  1. I had a similar issues, I played with another return to grid setting on the solarpower software which fixed the issue. I cannot remember the exact setting but it did fix the issue for my client, I know how to get to this setting if I am in front of the laptop but for the life of me cannot remember the exact wording. Also I use ICC on this particular 3ph system and its only 1 3ph inverter not 3.
  2. Perhaps eskom line has an issue, when you say eskom disconnects does your voltage tester still ready 255v ?
  3. So yeah growatt confirmed the operation of turn off solar is to protect the battery. Normal operation according to them
  4. No problem bud,I sent him all the details including video's of all settings and front panel display. My own growatt the older model behaves differently solar is always on. I did notice that this behave only happened on 5000TL only after enabling BMS to the battery and putting the growatt in Li mode
  5. So set 01 solar now exactly the same charges up then drops solar
  6. Okay just reverted to battery now ? So are you saying this is normal behavior ?
  7. So it's charging at 800 watts let's see what happens today if it reverts to battery after 100 SoC
  8. Correct but what I don't understand is why it jumps to battery to supply loads after its 100 percent and PV doesn't take over . The solar line also disappears.
  9. So far the only issue observed is that after battery is fully charged the growatt stops PV from powering the loads (SBU) it then uses battery to power the load even though solar is available. Checked also that charge source is solar. Also when charging from pV it's not charging at full amps, solar option 2 says 8a but it's not configurable. However load kicks in then solar powers the load up to 3.5kw but not the same for charging.
  10. I will ask them now have if a BMS update is required have the Growatt guy on what's app. Using US3000 Pylontech
  11. Yeah they sent me a link with firmware but I am on the attached version. Was just reading page 4 and 5 here
  12. Yeah thanks just saw, need help with firmware please.
  13. Okay so BMS cable is in and as described, however now inverter won't charge at full capacity from solar. Battery is at 49.8v but inverter says its 98% charged, the Li symbol does show on the inverter. Also its stops supplying the load from solar and switches to battery setting is SBU
  14. Already in touch with them but waiting for them to confirm firmware mentioned here in this thread, so far they have sent me the details of how to get the BMS link. Just need to see if the firmware update is required. Agree with this if we can sign partition with a list of our names I can senD to the Growatt team responsible for Africa
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