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  1. not been able to get that working myself
  2. I am sorry, but if you doing solar, it is to save money and power consumption, correct? So why still have an urn running all day? Is that not really counter productive? Rather get a 3ph instant water heater!!!
  3. Hi Nadeem, This was only for the 3kw Infini. I am not familiar with the 5Kw unit, sorry.
  4. Ok, some foto's from another install that was done for work, using similar products.
  5. Ok, so what I used to mount the panels is equipment used in standard commercial electrical installations. The product is called Unistrut or P1000. You can buy it at any Electrical retailer or directly from Cabstrut. Mounting the panels was done with spring nuts and large washers. The spring nuts fits into the Unistrut and the washer is used to keep the panel tight. Since I did the initial install, I have also seen a product that is not expencive that clips onto any PV panel and then clips into the Unistrut. Only disadvantage is once fixed, nearly impossable to remove the PV panel.
  6. Sorry guys, traveling in Africa for work, so not much time or internet available
  7. Ok, so I finally gave hope getting my Infini to work correctly as a ZERO consumption unit due to my pre-paid meter tripping. Due to recommendations by other persons I know I bit the bullet and got myself a Goodwe 5048-ES unit. Everybody that got one has no problems with their pre-paid meters. To make a long story short, once the Goodwe was installed and running, my pre-paid meter started tripping again After spending many hours with customer support and the manuals, I came to a very small clause in the manual that stats that even when power export is disabled, the unit can still push back up to 100W max. In the end I had to run about 200W of load before the meter. If the invertor does overshoot a bit, the 200W load should cover that and prevent the pre-paid meter from detecting reverse flow and tripping. So, for those of you with an Infini can now also start running ZERO consumption as an option. For me running ZERO consumption is the best compromise. Please note that the City Of Cape Town pre-paid meters is programmed to be very sensitive of reverse flow. The bigger the flow, the quicker the meter will trip. Once detected the meter will disconnect power for 30 seconds. If this happens 5 times within an hour, the meter will disconnect you for 30min. That is for the Conlog meters. The Landis meters might even go into tamper mode. Then you need a tech to come reset it and you have to pay a R2k fine!!!
  8. Are you talking about a pump flow controller? Many years back the pumps worked with a pressure tank. Pressure in the tank was maintained with a rubber bladder and the pump was controlled from a pressure switch. The newest systems does away with the pressure tank and you just have this big blue egg that sits on the pump outlet. It works on flow and pressure, giving you much better control over the pump. http://www.water-booster-pumps.co.za/controller-water-booster-pumps.php
  9. Right, just some more feedback to date. System running very well, but I have to keep cleaning the flap type non-return valve and pump every 3 months. Seems like the calcium is depositing too quickly. For now the copper pipes is working very well and I can run the water temp up to 75Degrees now. To try and use less water, I have installed a hot water loop and pump for the house. It works, but I am unable to stop the water circulation. Anybody done anything like this before?
  10. So I have given up hope getting my 3kw Infini to work with the modbus power meter and my pre-paid power meter. So far I know the only true ZERO consumption invertor is the Goodwee unit. I was hoping this 4kw Super would be the unit to kick the Goodwee in the nuts!!! Has anybody used the Super with a modbus power meter for the use of ZERO consumption?
  11. infini 5kw has galvanic isolation......which is not available in 3kw and 10kw model....want opinion from some pioneer experts??

  12. So looks like all my excitement was for nothing Looking at my stats now and the power consumption, it does not look like this is working. The only mode where it does look to be trying to keep power consumption at Zero, is "Grid Tie with Backup (II)", but then the inv does not re-act fast enough and the meter trips...
  13. @SolarNoob, even when your batteries is at 100%, there will still be a small charge current running to maintain the charge.


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