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  1. Hi Heini, Yes, I have to agree that Goodwe support is extremely slow and tech support is more a call center where nobody knows anything about solar. Regarding your battery charging, why charge from the grid? This does not make sense if you have PV connected. Rather set your On-grid discharge low, like 40% or 50%. Then your Backup to 80%. So under normal day to day operations you will only discharge down to 50%, leaving you a further 30% for backup when the grid is down. This is something you would have to play with depending on your demands on the system. General Mode is still the best. Backup mode basically ignores the grid so then you actually running off Eskom grid and only from PV and batteries.
  2. Good news everybody!!! I am finally back up and running. I cannot explain my frustration with the Goodwe support. The first line of agents refuse to let you talk directly to technical personel, so to try and explain the issues directly to call center staff is extremely frustrating. Anyway, so finally my problems was resolved. Still waiting for exactly what they changes to make it work, as at one stage they said the unit is faulty and I must return it for repairs. Currently on Firmware Version 1242415
  3. Hi, yes, I have the exact same problem!!! I have been onto the Goodwee support desk now for months trying to get this resolved, but in their eyes this is NOT a problem!!! I was hoping to get some extra support here. How or where can I escalate this issue?
  4. Would it not be better to install the communication cable?
  5. Hi, Is there any way to get BlueNova batteries to "talk" or communicate with a Sunsync inverter? I do not really trust the voltage settings.
  6. Is there any way to get the SolarMD unit to "talk" or communicate to a Goodwe inverter?
  7. Lately I have noticed a huge dip in PV generation during load shedding. I have checked a couple of things and what I noticed is that the MPPT is going nuts. Voltage would go down as current increase. Once it reaches 11Amps it looks tile the controller reset and goes back to Zero amps. This complete cycle takes around 15 to 20 seconds. Now this only happens if there is load shedding, meaning mains is off. According to the SEMS portal my load is jumping up and down, sometimes to over 7kw. We know this is not possible as the unit can only output 4.6kw during load shedding. Anybody else also seeing this problem? I have raised it with Goodwe in the past, but it took them 8 months to write a special software for my unit and the problem was still there. I would like to raise the issue again, but looking for Goodwe users that have the same problem. Thanks.
  8. Yes, this was my exact suggestion to the client as well. PV is rated 400W @ 47.2Voc and 38.7Vmp. 10.34Imp. Regarding the MPPT ratings, on this 5kw Sunsync unit it says 11Amps.
  9. I have had my Goodwe now for over 5 years. First with 500AH lead Acid bank and now with 24kwh Lithium. So far the unit does what it says on the box. However, there is a couple of small issues that Goodwe cannot resolve. I would like to limit my grid output to 100W, so that my pre-paid meter does not trip. They have been promising software changes, but nothing! The PV Master app seems problematic. You change parameters and the inv wants to be restarted, but the changes does not reflect. Sometimes you have to do the changes multiple times for it to stay permanent. SEMS Portal is a great toll, but I find it difficult to make changes.
  10. I am looking to install a 5kW Sunsync for a friend. Due to the roof construction, we can only fit 15 PV panels. 5 North facing, 5 East and 5 West. I said that we should keep the 5 PV North facing on one MPPT input and parallel the 5 East and West into the 2nd MPPT. Yes, there would be times that the PV could deliver more than the rated 11Amps, but his load is so small, it should not be a problem. Now the supplier of the inverter advised that he should rather run the East West strings in series? Would this actually work? My understanding is that shading of any of the series panels would cause huge generation losses?
  11. Hi Voodoopt, Not sure why you would think the config is not correct? 37 x 3 = 111 A This is anyway much more than what the Goodwe can charge (80A) or discharge (90A or 4.6kw). You will see that once the battery is full, the charge current will drop town to nearly nothing, but the discharge will still be 111A.
  12. This is indeed an interesting subject. I am now learing of this with an existing Deye install, where the neutrals was joined on the input and output side of the inverter. I have a Goodwe ES unit, but the way I understood NRS097, I installed a brand new earthing point at my house. This point was used for both the solar panels and the inverter. This ground point I join to my neutral on the output of the inverter. So far all working fine and no issues. So, input side of inverter is using council earth and output is using new earth point at my house.
  13. I am sorry, but some of the naming of the options and descriptions does not really make sense to me? Is there a reference document that gives a full description and function of each option?
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