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  1. I've had an infini 3KW Plus for 5 years and it performed flawlessly until the communication board stopped working. I took the board out and the sticky dust that had settled on it had corroded the tracks on the board. I was quoted just over 2K to replace the board and decided it was best to retire the unit and purchased a 4KW Super which was on special at a ridiculously low price, and still is if you search hard enough. I've read some horror stories about the 4KW Super on this forum but all seem to be when they connected in parallel as well as older units. My unit is setup as a single unit and was manufactured in September 2019 so I'm hoping to get at least 5 years out of it like I did with the 3KW Plus I had.
  2. I have an ICC with Pylon cable from Centurionsolar. The longest I've seen this unit to be up is about 8 hours as a script was added to reboot when it becomes unresponsive. The PI is fine and I can navigate through options and menus, its the ICC which hangs. ICC also does not post any data to EMON CMS so I don't have any long terms data. With the unit rebooting all the time I can only see as far back as the last reboot. This software has been like this from the start (November 2019) but as I run infini's and pylons so its necessary. I was also told that an update was coming soon, that was months ago and now when I ask I don't even get a reply. Some open and honest communication would be appreciated.
  3. My Infini 3KW Plus stopped communication with the ICC about a month ago. The internal communication card appeared to have stopped working. The inverter itself still worked as before except it now couldn't receive or send values to ICC and I was not able to make any changes to the internal settings. I was quoted R2400 for the repair but the unit was 5 years old so I figured it was just a matter of time before something else went. I know there have been issues with the 4KW in the past but it always seemed to happen when in parallel. My setup is simple and I'm already all setup with the ICC and an SDM630 energy meter that replacing it with a 4KW would be as simple as removing the one and replacing it with the other. When I saw the 4KW for sale for 12K I figured it to be a obvious choice. I've checked now and two stores are still adverting it for 12K. The serial number indicated that is was manufactured in September 2019 so its a newer model. Lets hope this one does as well as my 3KW and lasts at least another 5 years. I'll pull the communication card out of the old one and see if I can fix it myself, of get my father, who has a masters degree in electronics to take a look as well, and store it as a backup just in case.
  4. Hi Johandup, when you say they are not available anymore, do you mean that production of this unit has stopped or that its just not on the CT list of approved inverters anymore? The model is still listed on Voltronic's website and I still see it is available to purchase on various sites here in SA. Most of these sites don't hold stock and simply get the supplier to send it directly to the client as the orders come in. The 4KW Super can now be purchased for about 12K which is very reasonable but makes we wonder why its come down so much in price. Can anybody confirm if they have fixed the issues with this model that plagued it in the past?
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