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  1. Hi Degert Sorry looking at the picture wrong. The connection is correct. I must change my specs.
  2. Hi I have had similar problems as my manual in the box for a 8kw was wrong with confirmation from Sunsynk. You can download the correct installation manual from the Sunsynk web sight if it shows connection on (3 an4) CT1 which is wrong. The correct connection is on (5 and 6) CT2. You also do not have to change the ct around you will only have to swop the wires in the inverter on 5 and 6. Your photo shows a wrong connection on (3 and 5) I am sure this will sort out your problem.
  3. Hi If you want to be fancy you need to install Google home mini smart speaker in the room for less than R500.00 (refurbished from Takealot) then you can ask it from anywhere to switch on or off eg "switch on lounge light" . From that room or from your phone. That is if you have good internet. A google mini speaker only needs a power source and Wi-Fi and has many other uses with Google home app. This is my personal choice and I have mini smart speakers in every room in my house. Of course you will need a smart switch to work with it.
  4. Hi I can feel your frustration having gone through the same experience. The supplier did initially replace the switches that gave problems however after that I had to replace others and now I have at least two of each type of switch which are waisted in my garage. I also had problems with smart colored light bulbs which freeze my Eachen light switches when used. Convenient but problematic.
  5. Hi I have 2x geyserwize max installed 3yrs ago after lightning damaged the previous control. I had to replace one recently which developed a problem which acts like a bad connection on the pcb.
  6. Hi I have gone back and read the documentation and yes indeed it does deal with (smart load) for Dye or (aux load) for Sunsynk. I probably missed it because I use the gen. input for a generator.
  7. Hi Vassen I am sure this can happen as you have mentioned and have not looked into that and did not know you can use the gen. input as an output. I have gone through all of the docs and videos and have missed that part. I only know that the gen input does not give feedback if used as an input and also only allows current in stages till full output. I do not understand why you would use the gen input as an output as you can block the feedback to mains with the ct if installed correctly when non essential loads are connected to it. I would think the best is to just connect the no non es
  8. Hi I have a problem with the evaluation that it is a Dye fault that non essential line drops to 170v ac and causes the non essentials to switch on and off. This is the line that is connected to Mains input. This can only happen if there is a wiring problem with resistance and a load with high current is switching on or the supply from Mains is a problem. The Mains voltage will always override the Dye compensation voltage if Dye voltage drops. A Dye inverter cannot stop the voltage (current flow) unless it is higher than the mains voltage and if it should drop the Mains would compensat
  9. Hi DaveSA The only way you will know what value to set to avoid the small amount of feedback when the load switches off as this is when the voltage will increase on the inverter side is to switch the 3.5kw load on and off and check the feedback and adjust value accordingly as the ismall ncrease in voltage will not be the same for everyone as this can be the result of resistance of the wiring which causes a volt drop caused by the distance to the load and wire thickness.when larger currents are drawn by the load.
  10. Hi I had a similar problem. The venturi needs a lot of flow to work. I have used 3/4" venturi (this is the pipe fitting) in and out from a 1" line directly from the borehole into the 1354 which works when I do irrigation. When I need to fill my jojo tank the flow is reduced because I have more filters inline. I have a second 1/2"venturi in line after my first two 1354 filters. The partial bypass will definitely stop the venturi from working . I did try the bypass when I started. Just one thing to be careful of is the venturi leaking back as I have lost a ozone generator due to this.
  11. Hi I should not call it voltage but potential difference. The current will flow from a high to a low potential. So by adjusting the "ac voltage" flowing from the from the inverter, the current can flow either go to the non essential load or to the grid. If you have a higher potential (voltage) at the inverter side and a lower potential (voltage) at the grid side of the ct then you will feed watts back in the grid. If the potentials are swopped it will feed to the load. The ct accurately measures the current flow from or to the grid allowing the inverter to adjust the potential " voltag
  12. Hi just to add to my comments. I have just finished my install. The earth connection is on the bottom right which is connected to the chassis. The extra connections on the power connecters are not used and are for split input power used in the US. You also need to connect an extra earth at the back of the chassis on the right hand side. This is for extra protection should you loose the power earth. A anti islanding relay is normal used when you are off grid and the earth and neural are not connected. The anti islanding relay would join the earth and neutral at the incoming powe
  13. Hi I want to clarify the the statement that I motioned about grid feedback. I have now completed my install with a Sunsynk 8KW Hybrid inverter. After going through all the documents and videos this is what I have got from them. You can achieve Zero feedback to grid even with large load switching. Sunsynke, Inga and Deye have fixed this problem by doing the following. They have got a setting ( Zero Export Power) that will allow you set a watt value that allows the grid to give a small amount of power when you are using using pv power. This will raise the voltage a small amount good enough
  14. Hi I will try to explain step by step. Firstly I have noticed and measured the earthing connectors on the grid input and load output. These inputs are not connected to anything. There is also a place to connect earth on the right hand side of the inverter which is connected to the outside casing inside the connecter box. Earth and neural need to be connected by the municipality feeding into you db or it needs to be connected where it comes into the db. The purpose of this is for safety. When you put in a earth leakage it splits the earth and neutral and if you have a curr
  15. Hi Bernarf I totally agree. The reason for the the feedback will be because when you switch off a large load suddenly the voltage may increase slightly and the inverter needs a small amount of time to adjust. I have not test my inverter yet. I also believe from the videos from the web sight that some prepaid meters allows a small amount of feedback (80w max)
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