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High power consumption when inverter switch over load to Utility


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Greetings Experts,

I have picked up an observation from two different inverter systems. We noticed when the inverter switch over to utility grid either based on soc or time base the system double consumption unless one mark a hard change over switch and turn off input power to the inverter before the power normalise.  We now perform and experiment using a meter logger attached to main utility input to measure load consumption as a control experiment. 

Here are the steps below with snap shot



Here is my dashboard with Grid Watts .. currently running on battery and solar mode meaning zero  power draw from utility . You see Grid voltage and frequency but zero Grid watt as depicted in the application. 




Currently metter logger reading from utility input meaning am not consuming power and my non-essentials appliances are off.

Now we are  going to force my inverter  change over to grid and quick reminder that  I don’t charge my battery with utility  as per my settings below.



Drop my power input to utility as you can see and grid watt is about 529W equivalent to a load of about 575W approx ..



Current reading from utility  input double whats reporting on ICC application 



My geyser is not using utility at the moment when the soft switch over was initiated just for the record. 



Now  doing hard  change over on my DB  back to Utility input 






Now am going to check logger again to see any changes in power draw which now reflect whats it consuming . 

Its unfortunately i cant upload more evidence picture.  

I am in need of a logical explanation of whats actually happening as we have tested it in two different site with Growatt and Axpert inverters and they both produce same result 

If anyone have experience this type of scenario before do share or advise on what can be done to remediate it. 

Much appreciated in Advance.


Newbie :) 






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