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Comms between Pylontech US3000C BMS and inverter


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Good morning to all the guru's (I am technical ignoramus - and Newbie on this site, plse excuse any breaches of protocol - I have posted this same message under an old existing thread)

I just replaced the previous batteries on my system with 3 Pylontech US3000C batteries - similar to other people (Deejay and Occo in a different thread) I have problems connecting the battery BMS to my inverter as the US3000C has a RS485 port while my inverter has a RS232 comms port. I have a Solax SK-SU5000E inverter.

I see that that Deejay and Occo found a solution for their comms cable problems and if anybody could help me to similarly find out what the pinouts must be to connect the batteries to my inverter I would be extremely grateful. Even if someone can just give me a reference to an expert who might know - After spending what I consider to be a lot of money on the batteries which are currently paperweights I would really be willing to pay a lot for a solution!!

I have contacted the battery supplier and Solax, but without any joy to date.

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