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Anyone here using ESP Link to connect their IOT devices (or inverters or BMS' etc) to their machines?

I want to be able to make some changes on my BMS but its software only runs in Windows.  Since I don't have a PC and have no desire to constantly need to connect a machine physically to my BMS I was considering just using an ESP Link to allow me to connect remotely to the serial port in a VirtualBox machine.  There is a tutorial to setup a virtual serial port on your local machine using ESP Link

Theoretically you can do this for things like Axpert or any inverter really.

Anyone else doing so, what have been your experiences?


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Hi Gnome,

I've previously tried to use ESP Link on another IoT project, but found it to be a little buggy and not very stable.
If you look at their Github repository, the last update was like 2 years ago, which in terms of IoT stuff means it was abandoned.

Personally, I would recommend ESPHome
The interface is really easy to implement, and you can configure the elements you require quite easily.


The following components could be very helpful for your solution:








Assuming I understand your needs?!

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