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Backup system with solar to be added


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I have to finalise the brand of inverter ... batteries and solar panels.

I have managed to secure 5 installations. 

The question is which brand would you feel confident selling to a customer? 

From this forum it sounds like the Sunsynk ... Hubble battery combo is the way to go.

The first install for 2022 will be an inverter and battery ... I have suggested the Sunsynk 5 KVA with a 5.5 kwh battery ... the next step will be to fit panels ... I just need to make sure I understand how the MMPT setup works in the inverter ... so that I can select the panels ... the plan is to install the absolute minimum to start start with ... taking into consideration that additional panels will be added as funds become available.

The second project will just be a simple backup system ... I am considering  just installing and Axpert unit with an affordable battery ... a 3 KVA inverter might do the job with a small 2.4 kwh lithium battery.

The 3rd project will be similar to the first one ... a 5 or 8 KVA inverter with batteries to suit and a just a hand full of panel to start with.

The 4th project will be a little more complicated ... it involves a couple of building on one site (a B&B) ... the main building and 5 separate small buildings .. .this is going to involve a little careful planning.

The 5th project is a farm with a whole lot of stuff going on ... on this project ... I am thinking about installing the panels away from the buildings and trees ... there is a piece of land which drops off down a hill (perfect for north facing panels).

Now to find a supplier. ... this seems to be a more difficult challenge that doing the job. 







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Sunsynk Inverter supplier sorted. 

At the same time managed to source a supplier for surge protection plugs etc ... which come with a surge appliance cover. 

Now to find a battery and panel supplier (as an installer) 

It is going to be an interesting new challenge installing solar PV panels ... I have years of experience installing inverters and generators from 5 KVA to 250 KVA. 

First question at the site visit yesterday ... do you have spare tiles?

A question to all the people who have already had panels installed ... how did to verify that your roof is strong enough to hold the weight and battens are not rotten ... did you get a specialist in to check the roof ? 










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