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Lithium ion battery advice


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I have a Dyness BX51100 lithium battery and I would to request some advice on the impact of charging on the battery life.

My solar charge on a sunny day is more than enough to run my house and charge the battery, however on a cloudy day the battery is discharged and charged many times in the day.

What affect will this have on my battery cycles and lifetime?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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There's no problem with continuous charge/discharge on a Li battery as long as you keep the DoD (depth of discharge) < battery recommendations, most batteries are to 80% or 90% depth. 

However you need to make sure the rate (Amps) at which you charging/discharging falls within the specs as well, usually C/2.

If you have a decent battery and inverter the BMS should take care of this and the inverter may also have settings that canbe applied to limit charge/discharge rates.

The cycle count will increase as you use the battery, this is normal. On my pylontechs, if i use 10% per day, after 10 days I get 1 cycle used (+-)...Not sure for other batteries.

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