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Pylontec UP 5000 settings

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I need some guidance on battery/inverter settings for an Pylontec UP 5000 battery before installation

installed are 16x 540 Canadian panels

RCT 8kw Max. SUB configured

On the pylontec data sheet it states the following 

Charge / Discharge Current (Amps),50(Recommended ),75(Max , 90([email protected]

also the following on selecting batteries for your inverter.

The number of parallel batteries should be suitably selected for the power rating of the inverter to avoid damaging the batteries.

Correct Inverter Selection:

With all High-Frequency inverters such as the Kodak and Mecer type inverter, the batteries supported continuous discharge current can be 70% of the inverter's capacity. For a 5kVA inverter that requires a total discharge current of 5000W / 48V = 105A, the supported continuous battery discharge current can be 73.5A

8kVA 8000/48 =167A     70% = 117 A

Now this takes me way beyond the batteries capacity.

my question 

with one battery installed do I just set the % lower until it complies with the 50 A stated in the datasheet. (30%?)

What will all the settings be for the inverter and the battery?

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