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Solar power spotlights with night sensor


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Afternoon all,

I am looking at putting up 4 x 20w spotlights around the house. The lights are to last for 12hours during the night.

What would be the easiest?


Buying 4 individual lights with 4 30w solar panels and individual batteries, or just buying 1 panel , inverter and battery? Which one would be the cheaper option.


Not looking at going off Grid just yet.


Your assistance would be appreciated



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Hi Shaun

I have done exactly this but was very luck in that I got all the floods onto one circuit.  If you are able then one small inverter/panel/battery is easiest to manage.

Otherwise you get solar floodlight units that have everything combined and run off 12V.  Alot of solar streetlights are designed this way.



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Have a look at an old post of mine. I made a 6w LED flood light that's 12v by using old casings and retrofitting LED strips inside. Total cost on these for everything was about R50 each. Distance of about 15-20m for each one easy. I actually made 2 this weekend that use 360lm 1.5watt units. 

1 battery, 1 solar controller, 1 solar panel. 


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