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Mpp Solar PIP-5048MS


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It's the same inverter as the Axpert inverter most people here have. Most people have the 4048, which is a 4kw/5kva unit. According to the AEVA site that unit has a boost stage of 4kw, and an inverter stage of 5kw. That allows it to handle loads up to 5kva at 80% power factor where the real power is only 4kw. The 5058 replaces the 4kw boost stage with a 5kw boost stage so it can run a real 5kw at unity power factor. This comes with a slight downside, basically slightly lower efficiency and slightly higher quiescent current draw. Otherwise it is almost identical.

I noticed recently that these inverters are now sold (sometimes?) under the MPPSolar brand rather than the Axpert brand, but it is the same beast under the skin. It's also resold by Renesola and Mecer.

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