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NPP brand any good?


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I've never heard of them. However... google takes you to the site of the manufacturer, which is in China (like just about every other battery maker). The specs for the batteries are not particularly spectacular, in other words it looks like they are a trustworthy outfit who don't lie about their products. The specs themselves are pretty average, around 700 cycles to 50% on the "deep cycle" battery. That rates pretty average. What you care about though is price per kwh. If they do 700 cycles to 50%, and lets say it's a 200Ah 12V unit, then it has a lifetime of 700*0.5*200*12 = 840kwh. If you can get it at around 3k a battery (doubtful), it would work out around R3.50 per kwh, which is more than you pay the municipality, but that's pretty much what storage costs in this kind of battery.

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