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Goodwe Hybrid Inverter configurion


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Hi all, I am new here.


I had a solar plant installed last week with a Goodwe ET Series hybrid inverter, GW10K-ET, and a BYD HVL battery. It works very well in general mode but I can't figure out the Eco Mode.

I would like to charge the battery from the grid at night (we have very low cost at night) to ensure that I have cheep power during the day even in bad weather. The battery however does not charge during the night. I am using the PVMaster app (SEMS Portal app will not allow me to chose Eco Mode)

I have attached screen shots of my settings. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Best regards




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It appears that you are charging at 1% of rated power. "Rated power" is whatever your inverter is rated at. So if you have a 10kW inverter, you are charging at 100W. I suggest you increase that quite a lot, but not to a point where it's going to make the battery unhappy.

I can't assist you with the discharge function within Eco mode. I have never used that, and I'm not sure how it works.

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